Review // A Diary Of Our Time At Bluestone

Having a holiday the 5 of us has been something we have lusted over for some time, whilst going abroad seems like a pipe dream we were not disheartened as there is so much of the UK left to explore.

So when Bluestone Wales contacted us and offered a Midweek break at their park within a week I knew we had to make it happen.

For those who have not heard of Bluestone it is the UK’s only Coastal Resort National Park set in over 500 acres in Pembrokeshire with the most amazing beaches and days out all within less than a 30 minute drive.

Bluestone Wales

Here is a little diary of what we got up to…


We set off at 8am, the drive although through pouring rain was not too bad and we made it at Bluestone for 4pm.

We headed to our beautiful lodge (more on this in another post) and were absolutely blown away with the view we were met with from our patio area, I honestly could have spent the whole time just sitting there reading a book and breathing in the area around me.


To blow off some steam we walked down the hill to the Outdoor Play Area. The kids faces were amazed, there was so much for their little minds to see and do, they paddled in the stream, swung high, climbed through tunnels and over rope bridges, laughed hard down the slide and viewed all around from Treehouses. They would have stayed there all night if I had let them.

Bluestone Review

Bluestone Wales Review


After a great nights sleep we enjoyed not needing to rush and filled our bellies with Breakfast and exploring the Lodge some more, the kids loved the window that looked into the Living Area from their room.

We headed to The Adventure Centre as we had an 11.30am Messy Play session booked, we were a little early so we explored the Circus Soft Play room upstairs.

Bluestone Wales

Talk about heaven in a room for under 6’s (Grayson was allowed in though). There was everything for the acrobats in all my kids, Addison is now determined to be a Gymnast after walking on Balancing Beams and doing many a star jump.

Deacon loved the mini car coaster and giggled hard, as their Mummy it was so lovely to see them so happy and exploring.

Bluestone offer so many sessions the list is endless but we chose Messy Play as it was suited for all 3 kids needs. Deacon ended up not being so keen, he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty we found out, Grayson gave the painting a real good go and Addison well she made sure no part of her was not Messy.

Messy Play at Bluestone

They set the class up really well, making it all set out in the Story of the Bluestone creatures and having everything on hand from aprons, to warm soapy water and there was no worry where the mess went.

Just before heading back for a late lunch in the lodge we checked out the simply HUGE Indoor Play Area which is just endless and would keep the kids entertained for the whole 5 days on its own.

The afternoon saw our first visit to The Blue Lagoon, Bluestone’s Indoor Water Park for all.

Bluestone Wales

It was the younger 2 first time in a public pool and they did amazing, with pools for all ages and abilities there was so much to experience.

That evening feeling a little tired (but very happy) from a busy day we decided to try Bluestone’s very own Chippy Van, so much choice and great value it was a tasty way to end a lovely day.

Bluestone allows for seeing the most beautiful Sunsets
Bluestone allows for seeing the most beautiful Sunsets


Although there was so much to do in Bluestone park on Wednesday we decided to make the most of the amazing weather and drive to Tenby to see some of the very famous South Wales Beaches.

I could talk about Tenby all in its own post because what a lovely, friendly, beautiful place to visit. It took us less than 25 minutes to drive from Bluestone and we had an awesome time building Sand castles, paddling and breathing in sea air.

Addison was so free and it was lovely to see her enjoying life as she should at 4, she of course got soaked up to her belly button and this silly Mama did not bring a change of clothes, but a short walk up the hill to the shops and her Popsy kindly treated her to a Lego Friends outfit (perfect for her party next month).

Tenby Beach

Tenby has some amazing little Cafes to try, we decided on The Lighthouse Kitchen and I am just gutted this is a 6 hour drive from where I live as I would be there everyday.

The Lighthouse Kitchen

Kind, helpful staff, amazing decor and Garlic Chips that were so moorish, if you are ever visiting please do stop in.

We were still in the mood for more exploring after lunch so drove a little further to Saundersfoot, even though the temperature dropped a little we put on the kids waterproofs and had some more beach fun and not forgetting a 99 before heading back for dinner in our Lodge.

Bluestone Review

99 Icecream


The kids were loving the activities and comfy beds as they decided to lay in over 90 minutes past their usual wake up time (I can not thank you enough Bluestone). So Ashley and I enjoyed the sun rising over the most stunning views with Tea in hand.

Bluestone Wales

Thursday was all about experiencing the fun of Bluestone some more and we sure packed in a lot.

We headed to The Blue Lagoon again for a morning of Swimming. The kids by this point so confident they insisted on staying in the main pool every time the alarm sounded to ride the waves, they paddled in the kids rock pools, learnt how to float and so much more.

Bluestone Wales

Ashley tried out a couple of the incredible water flumes, smiling hard as he got soaked at the bottom, poor Addison a few CM’s short this time to be able to ride with her Daddy (next time she said).

All pruned I told the kids we must get out for lunch and enjoy some more to be met with tears, but a promise of returning to the Circus Room and Indoor Adventure made them smile again.


They showed their Granny and Popsy (who came down on Tuesday) how high they could bounce on the indoor Bouncy Castle, putt a shot at the miniature golf (which resulted in buying a toy golf set from the shop £2.99 though, Bluestone bargain) and dig hard on the Diggers just like Popsy’s.

Bluestone Wales Review

With our leftover bread in hand we headed to Bluestone’s famous Lake in search of Ducks. We found a whole family including 7 tiny Ducklings, after feeding the Ducks up, the kids jumped on their Scooters and we enjoyed the Lake walk, checking out all the Mini Beasts along the way, Bluestone kindly put up child info boards for them to learn more.

We stupidly forgot to book the restaurant at Bluestone (something you must do in advance) but the Booking Office staff were very helpful and suggested a Pirate Theme Restaurant in Amroth only a short drive away, they also kindly booked a table for us just in case it would be full, nothing was too much to make sure we enjoyed our stay.

Pirate Restaurant

The restaurant had the most amazing play area which kept the kids entertained for the whole evening, before heading home we of course had another little walk along the Beach as the restaurant is on the seafront.


On Friday morning we packed our bags into the car and said our goodbyes to our new home, we all felt so sad and wished we were staying for longer, next time we head to Bluestone we will definitely go for a whole week as with 7 hours driving both ways (actually it took us 10 to get home) we just did not get enough time to enjoy everything at Bluestone, there is so much more.

Bluestone Wales

I shall be back next week with more of the nitty-gritty details on Bluestone, the Lodges and what there is to do and why we think it is the dream location for a family holiday.

Also over at Raising A Superhero we shall be sharing an account of how the holiday worked for a Disabled Child, but for now I leave you with smiles, giggles and little adventures from our trip to Bluestone….

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