>Boop Boop Be Boop


Hello There from Betty Boop, LOL, well that’s who I was for Saturday Night and I was married to Marilyn Manson. LOL. Strange Combo.

Are costumes were quite basic cause to be honest I didn’t want to spend any money or didn’t have any to spend. So Ashley’s cost £1.50 and mine £11.50 so combined for the Americans $25.00.

This piccy shows Ashley’s family, left to right, Ashley’s little sister as a Punky Pirate, Ashley, Ashley’s Mom as an Indian, Ashley’s other sister as a 1940’s Gangstas Moll.

All in all not a bad evening but towards the end Ashley’s make up was starting to wear thin and he looked more like a drag queen after a busy night. LOL.

Don’t forget girlz one more day to enter for the Free November Necklace, just look back 2 days ago.

Hugs and Kisses and the piccy’s will be coming day by day.

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