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I love anything vintage, I loved having second-hand before it became fashionable, I have been trawling secondhand shops and bootfairs since I owned my 1st house back in 1997, but since having the bubba’s I just don’t get to indulge as much.

But since moving to our new home the Hubby and I made a promise to ourselves to head to the bootfair at least once a month, we live less than 10 minutes from a very large one and let’s be frank it’s not like we aren’t up early enough on a Sunday.

Deacon's 1st Bootfair Riding In Style IN HIs Stokke Crusi
Deacon’s 1st Bootfair Riding In Style IN HIs Stokke Crusi

So 2 weeks ago, Deacon had his 1st Bootfair experience, it was a lovely hot day so it was packed, to busy in fact, always makes it hard with pushchairs to have a good rummage, but I didn’t come home empty-handed so not all was lost, here are my Booty Bargains.

vintage glass bottles

I was really pleased to find these glass bottles, I love coloured glass and after receiving a lovely similar bottle from HomeBarn at Cybher I was craving some more, all of these combined cost me £3.50 so a complete bargain, I especially like the Blue ones that remind me of Alice and Wonderland, I have even stood one next to a Toadstool in my Living Room.

kitsch dog

How cute right ? Addison and I were both very taken with this tiny little Big Eye Doggy, who now sits proudly on my Shadow Box.

vintage vase

Anything 50/60/70’s usually gets a place in my house and this little vase was a great find as my Living Room has accents of this Mustard Yellow Tone in it, it’s so diddy and cute.

Deco Style Tray

I am a huge fan of anything Deco and I could not walk past this tray, it cost me £1, serious bargain, I had no idea when I bought it what I would do with it and to be honest I still don’t, I am thinking maybe on my dressing table to put nik naks on, although the red doesn’t really fit with my bedroom, open to suggestions ??

pyrex - vintage

And lastly I got this retro gravy boat, I have wanted to start a vintage Pyrex collection forever so this blew me away and the colours look perfect on my dresser. Now the question is do you use your vintage Pyrex or just look at it ? I am thinking use your treasures.

So that was my finds, hopefully I will get back to the Booty again soon and find some more treasures to share, share your posts if you too like to go and find thrifted treasures.


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