B&Q BBQ Challenge – The Recipes Part 3 – BBQ Breekie

Our B&Q BBQ Challenge is coming to an end, but honestly all I am doing now is thinking up new ideas of what to BBQ next.

B&Q shall be sharing mine and all bloggers that take part BBQ recipes so keep up to date with their Facebook page to find out what you could be cooking this Summer.

When we were asked to take part in the challenge we had to share 5 recipes including at least one breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I decided with Breakfast I wanted to cook something different, I wanted it to be quick and easy, filling for the day ahead, so I came up with a Breakfast Pizza.


* Pre-made Pizza Base or Pizza Dough

* Cooked Bacon

* 3 Eggs

* Cheese – I used Mozzarella and Chedder

* Chopped Spring Onions

* Chopped Chives and Parsley

*Little Oil

*Salt and Pepper


This is a simple breakfast, baste oil on both sides of the pizza,  grill the top side of the pizza base for a couple minutes, turn add the eggs (being careful not to let them run off), cook for 7/8 mins on medium grill, then add the cheese, allow to melt, add the Bacon on top, leave for a further 2 minutes, just before serving garnish with Salt/Pepper, herbs and Spring Onions.


We were unsure how good this would be, but it was delicious, the Hubby ate a very generous portion and it is something so different to the usual cooked breakfast. The possibilities are endless too, you could add whatever you really like to the top. I like to cook meals that don’t take me too long, but next time I would really love to give fresh pizza dough a try.

Dinner for the Parents

My Stepmum and Dad have us a great deal for Dinner, so when asked to do the challenge I knew I wanted to have them over for a special meal, my father is quite picky so it had to be something simple but not the usual Burgers and Sausages. I set myself the challenge that everything we ate would be cooked on the BBQ and I managed that. My Stepmum and the Hubby love fish, so I decided to go with some Prawns as I knew they would make great Kebabs.


*BBQ Chicken Kebabs

*Lemon & Garlic Chicken and Prawn Kebabs

* Garlic New Potatoes


*BBQ Vegetables


The BBQ Kebabs are so simple, I just marinaded in BBQ Sauce for 45 minutes and added some Pineapple/Peppers and Onions, they literally take less than 10 minutes to cook and were very tasty.

My favourite though were the Lemon and Garlic Kebabs, the marinade consists of 3 Garlic cloves crushed, 3 tbsps of Olive Oil, juice and rind of a lemon, chopped parsley, seasoning. Leave to soak up for 45 minutes (or longer) then again just add fruit/veggies of choice and cook for 8/10 minutes. The prawn is the same process but only takes 6 minutes to cook.

I love Kebabs as they are super quick to cook, can be prepared in the morning and hugely cost-effective way to feed a lot of people.


Definitely hands down though the Potatoes were the biggest success, so much so we have cooked 3 times this week. All you do is make a foil parcel, add the potatoes, over the top 3 minced garlic cloves, 3 tbsp of Olive Oil and water, seasoning, chopped parsley and if you have it a little French Salad dressing, seal up leaving 2/3 inches above the potatoes and cook directly over a medium heat for 30 minutes.

They were seriously scrummy and go perfectly with some veggies cooked on the BBQ with oil and the Kebab’s above, it was a typical Summers meal in the garden and the whole meal worked out less than £5 per person for a large plate of food.


We have really enjoyed using the BBQ, the Bondi G300 is an excellent BBQ with enough space to feed many and with Dishwasher capable grill plates it is perfect for my hate of cleaning BBQ’s, it comes with trays either side for having somewhere safe to have food before/during and after cooking.

I have loved creating new recipes to share with you and I am sure over the next few months there will be many more, don’t forget to head over to the B&Q Facebook page so you can keep up with all the other Blogger recipes over the challenge.

If you have any recipe suggestions for the BBQ please let me know.

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