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As I visited Emma’s Diary this week for my weekly update on Deacon’s progress I was met with some fab advice on Bra buying from Bravissimo. I have not had a Bra fitting in over, wait for it, 2 years! Awful huh ?

Poor Ashley never complains about my delightful 2 bra’s that I wear over and over, I can’t remember the last time I wore a pretty, non t-shirt bra. So I headed to Bravissimo to see what they had available for a woman of my size. Usually my choice is one maybe 2 bra’s at best, my cup size is not usually a problem now days as many places offer a larger cup size, it’s teaming it with a large back size too. So you can imagine how pleased I was when I found 27, yes 27 bra’s in my current size.

As I said it has been 2 years since I was measured so I thought I would take a peep at the Bravissimo Online Fitting Video, it is fab and simple, it lasts just under 3 minutes and made some points that after wearing Bra’s for 20 years you would think I knew.

  • A Bra that is too big is what actually rides up the back, I had always thought it was too small
  • I commit the sin of lengthening straps to make bra sit straight across the back, this doesn’t work you need a smaller bra – oops
  • You should be able to slide 2 fingers in under the bra the whole way round

I then had a quick read of the simple steps for checking your bra size, Bravissimo and their staff do not use tape measures, I did once go into a Bravissimo store and the woman told me my bra size just looking at me, it was 3 sizes different and I thought she was insane, but I bought 2 bra’s from her that day and they were the best bra’s I ever wore.

So like it says online at Bravissimo I gauged my new bra size off of how poorly my old one fits, my current bra looked something like this


Go check out yours!  I was wearing a 42G so instead I went for a 40GG, I was still not convinced that a High Rider was too big of back size, but I was wrong, my beautiful new Alana Bra arrived and it is perfectly horizontal the whole way round the back.

I chose my Alana Bra in Mocha, there were several colour choices but I thought this looked very classic and sexy all at the same time, I was so surprised it was a fab price of £26.00 and amazingly it holds my post pregnancy, new mum, saggy boobs very well whilst looking pretty.


Maybe most importantly Mr Innocent Charmer loves the bra, “it’s nice to have a bra that makes you look feminine and sexy”.

I would totally recommended the online fitting service from Bravissimo, it is easy to follow and can produce great results, a Bra I feel comfy in, has made my silhouette look better and that the Mr finds me sexy in again.

I was provided with a voucher to purchase the bra for purpose of this review, all opinions are 100% truthful, honest and my own.

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