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When I met Mr Innocent Charmer 12 years ago I barely ate any veggies. My Dad used to tell us awful things about vegetables so that we wouldn’t eat them. But when I met Ashley I started to bring more variation into my diet. It soon became that my roast dinner would be over 70% veg instead of the 10% when I met him. Cabbage and swede being my ultimate favourites.

Although my diet and how many vegetables has increased massively, we have become very stuck in what we eat, I still have the mentality of that little girl frightened to try new things for fear of taste, it annoys Ashley as he will pretty much try anything and loves his food. So I decided I had to find a way to start varying my diet too.

We live in the countryside, where I have lived most of my life, for as long as I can remember my parents always either shopped from friends who owned farms or farm shop’s for their fresh produce, I loved that we did this, but with a very busy life I tend to have most of my shopping delivered to the door, the problem with this is the fruit and veg you get sent is really not that great. So I was over the moon when a month ago Abel and Cole put a flyer through the door saying they are now delivering in our area.

I decided to put on order a Medium Veg Box each week, it’s a great system, there are no tie ins so you can finish at anytime, there is also a great amount of flexibility, you can list up to 20 of your likes and dislikes, so if like me you really do not like Squash you can say “No, thank you”, you can also change your box to suit your week, e.g. if you know you are having a large amount of friends over you can order a bigger box just for one week, or if in the Summer months you like to overload fruit you can change to a fruit & veg box.

So last Monday the doorbell rung and their was our delivery driver with our 1st box, inside our 1st box we had.

abel and cole veg box

  • Red Pepper (the largest I have seen in a long time)
  • Onions
  • Green Cauliflower (never eaten before)
  • Purple Carrots (the most awesome colour)
  • Triplo Potatoes
  • Celeraic ( Never eaten before)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Lettuce

Abel and Cole give you guidance in the box on how to care for your vegetables in the best way to make them last, they also give you a couple of recipes as well as links to their blog and website where you can find more ideas.

I had a quick look, but then I also headed to my best source of info, social media, I received some great ideas on IG and Twitter of how to use items I had never had before.

So how did we use our veg.

Dinner – Fajitias¬†and Salad – The pepper was so large not only did it supply for the Fajitias, but also for the salad, I also used the onions for both. The salad was made from the Lettuce, which was very fresh. Mr Innocent Charmer also had some of the Cherry Tomatoes (I don’t like tomato) – which he said were some of the best he had ever tasted. I also cut up some raw Purple Carrots for my salad which even though different in colour taste much the same.

Dinner – Roast Pork, Mash Potatoes, Cauliflower Cheese and Veg – we had my Dad and Stepmum over for dinner to return the favour. The Triplo Potatoes made the creamiest Mash, I have never tasted them before. I made a simple Cauliflower Cheese (which is the 1st time I have ever made it) as well as Celeraic mash. I also boiled up the carrots, which surprised me as the water whilst cooking looked like jam boiling.

abel and cole veg box recipe

The remainder of the lettuce, tomatoes and onions were used for salads and sandwiches at lunch times.

I feel proud to have tried a couple of new dishes, although I know they weren’t very adventurous, I really enjoyed the taste of the Celeraic, although I do not think I got it smooth enough.

So tomorrow my 2nd box arrives, there are a couple of vegetables I have not ever used before, so I am looking for suggestions of what to use them in ?

Cavolo Nero + Red Cabbage + Beetroot

Disclosure – This post is in no way sponsored, I just wanted to chat about how I have found the service and ask for guidance.

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