Britax Evolva 1 2 3 Plus Car Seat Review

Britax had heard we were looking for a next stage car seat for Addison and kindly contacted us and offered the Evolva 1 2 3 Plus to test out.

Before sending the car seat Britax confirmed whether the car we owned was compatible and that Addison met the height/weight requirements.

First Impressions

When it arrived I was impressed at the weight, our other car seats are really quite heavy and I frequently have to change them between cars, so it pleased me I wouldn’t break my back when I needed too.

It was nice to see no building/constructing needed to take place, the car seat comes in-built mode with 5 point harness.

The fabric was great quality, a nice simple uni-sex design and looked durable.

I liked how easy (like the Max-fix) the seatbelt and headrest moves in between heights, always handy when you have kids of different ages.

Britax Car Seat Review


Obviously I left this to Mr Innocent Charmer the 1st time, as he likes to have that role. He said in our car it was simple, you just follow the red guidelines and install the belt through the back of the seat, when you come to use without a harness it is even more simple, again following red guidelines and the seatbelt is held in place to ensure no nasty rubbing on the child’s neck.

I have since installed in my Stepmums car, it was a little harder in her car as her belts are shorter but it fits lovely and both I and the Mr were impressed with how there was little to no movement from the seat.

Ride Comfort

Addison is not letting anyone else sit in her “new car seat” I think speaks volumes. She was HUGELY impressed that there is plenty of room for Doggy (or whoever her toy of choice that day) has room to sit next to her and not on her lap as before. The drink/snack holders were also a big win, Addison always has juice on the way to preschool twice a week, she loves that she can now put it in her cupholder and demands it is still there on her return. She has also found the holders to be a perfect place for her to put her Sunnies when not wearing.

I must say I was a little concerned when we first received the seat as up to know Addison has always had her seat reclined when she falls asleep, the Evolva does offer a recline option but it is a choice when you fit the car seat not during use, I need not have worried though as on journey 2 in the Evolva she fell fast asleep and slept for over an hour.


Specifications and Gadgets

* 3 Fabric Choices – we have Black Thunder which is fab, all options are uni-sex

*Quick Remove Cover – which doesn’t affect the harness and as it is machine washable big win

*Performance Chest Pads – These are the most cushioned I have ever seen on a car seat and they hold Addison brilliantly in place and don’t mark her skin.

*Click and Safe harness system – I love this as the Mr always says I do not do the straps tight enough, this system clicks when the harness is in the safe position, so no safety worries – genius!

*Recline Option – I mentioned above, I love this, we are now going to get this car seat also for he grandparents car as this will mean the car seat can safely be used for Deacon at only 1 yr, Grayson with his disabilities (on short trips) and Addison

*Adjustable Side Wings – Providing side impact protection, but I love how they are adjustable so they cradle the child no matter their age.

*Harness Retainers – This was one of my loves on the Max-fix and I am glad Britax are now doing in all their car seats, there is nothing better than the harness being in the right place when getting your kid into the car seat, no reaching behind their back.

Final Thoughts

We are really impressed with this car seat, we have only ever before had car seats that range from 9 months to 4 years, but with the Evolva 1 2 3 going from 9 Months to 12 years you would not likely ever have to buy another seat.

It offers all you want and need from a car seat, if I had the choice I would have a recline option without having to uninstall but that is just a personal preference.

The car seat is perfect for Addison and she looks incredibly comfy in it.

Evolva Car Seat

Disclosure – We were sent the Britax Evolva 1 2 3 Plus FOC for purpose of this review, all opinions and views are 100% our own.

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