Budget Bucket List Competition

I love lists, hence my crazy totally sane love of notebooks, each of my 50 odd are full of lists, some have Bucket Lists. So when I saw the competition over at MoneySupermarket.com  I knew I had to take part.

What to do – see the competition here – basically I was asked to include details of one ‘budget’ and one more extravagant bucket list item. Tell us what is preventing you from doing them and what it would mean to you to complete each of these items.

My Budget Item

To take the kids to visit my gorgeous friend Sonia – she loves in Nottingham and she has never met my babies, but in particular Grayson. Sonia started Grayson’s Trike Auction and raised all the funds needed for Grayson to get his Special Needs trike and she did this without even ever meeting Grayson or even me. We have never been able to go up there and stay purely due to cost, I know it wouldn’t cost much but more than we can currently afford with 3 little ones and being on Maternity Leave.


I so would love for her to cuddle Grayson and see him on his trike in real life instead of just online video’s so she can see how she has helped to make him walk.

My Extravagant Item


To take the kids to America, my Mom is American and a great deal of my family live there, Grayson was actually conceived there. We had always said we would take our kids when we had them, but when Grayson’s problems and disabilities arose it became apparent we would never be able to afford to go, the insurance alone would cripple us. I just wish they could meet their Aunt and extended family and see the wonderful place that we have spent much of our life and of course most importantly meet Mickey Mouse.

I tag Sonia of This Mummy Loves, Kara of ChelseaMamma and Charlotte of The Mummy Blogger.


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