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Hope everyone is well this morning, I am at work busily working away, well and spending a spare 5 typing to you guys and girlz.

Today is the 16th January, 21 years ago my Baby Bro Kieron or Max as I call him was born, I have very fond memories of his birth, we were all at home (well minis dad at work of course) keeping wrapped up as we were having a major snow storm, I lived in a very tiny village with roads as wide only as a car over an hour to the nearest hospital, I remember my Mom went into labour and it took over an hour to get the Ambulance anywhere near our home, I remember the poor paramedics having to carry my Mom in the snow up a hill as they couldn’t get the ambulance near our home, I remember my Mom’s best friend and her 3 daughters walking over 4 miles in the snow just so she could be my Mom’s birthing partner as my Dad didn’t think he would make it (he did) it was so incredible. Kieron was the last of four but the first sibling I remember really as a baby as there is just over 6 years between us. Kieron and I are close, he was very ill when he was little and didn’t speak till he was nearly 4, but I always knew what he wanted. Today he is 21 and I can’t really believe it, with age he has certainly learnt to talk and talk, he has become sarcastic and dry but he has always been there for me and I know he always will.

It was very fitting then that my Dad as a surprise took us to London shopping for Kier’s 21st Birthday on Sunday, but the most fitting part, my dad took us to the Icebar in London, its an amazing place, the whole bar is made of Ice, walls,seats,bar, glasses just everything, it was totally amazing experience. (piccy’s below) we drunk quite a few vodka cocktails and spent the designated 40 minutes having an immense amount of fun, this has made me definite that one day I will stay in an Ice palace.

So Happy Birthday Maxi, I know you will have a fantastic day and evening as a superhero (fancy dress for his birthday) make sure you take lots of piccy’s with your camera.

On another note of COOLNESS, one of my number 1 blogger babes Laura of Katydiddy sent me a gorgeous package of goodies.

Laura is just a fantastic artist and when I went by her blog the other day she had drawn the most amazing Russian Dolls, well knowing I can not stop myself when it comes to these little cuties, I ordered a set of the cards straight away without haste, when the packaged arrived yesterday I could not stop jumping around cause whimsical artist extraordinaire had also included a beautiful Cupcake Plaque that I had been drooling over for ages.

I apologise for the picture quality but I took them in a hurry to show you, they are just so scrummy, please check out her blog and shop you will not be disappointed.

Anywho my mammoth post has now probably bored you to tears, so again I say thanks to Laura and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kier.


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