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Deacon has never had his own room, he has always had to share with Addison.

Their bedroom featured on Life With Munchers, Bloggers Homes back in May 2015.

We have always strived to make their room work for both genders whilst also making sure both their personalities shine through.

The way I have succeeded most is giving them defined areas around their beds which are just them, their own choices and not so gender neutral.

Deacon is all about Dinosaurs and Superheroes. He also steers more towards bright colours and wanting to be a “BIG BOY”.

A look at a boys bedroom who loves colour and dinosaurs

I think we have achieved the Big Boy look well. My children are all big collectors of things, it is their Mama in them, so they all have their own little shelves.

Boys Bedroom Decor includng round shelf from Dinky and Dandy

I think Deacon’s is my favourite, it comes from Dinky and Dandy and is currently on sale for £15.00, it is made of perspex and is so child-friendly. He will always get his little things down, have a play and then loves to put them back up on his shelves.

He loves the Alphabet Wall Stickers which initially were up for Addison, they have lasted so well. But they are perfect for him now as he is learning all his Phonics sounds and practices every evening whilst shining his torch up at them.

His Dinosaur bedding is a cheap set from Asda, I am actually saving for the Blue/Green Dinosaur set from the Great Little Trading Company as they are his favourite colours.

But I must talk about his sheet and pillow case from B Sensible. It is brilliant.

They make completely waterproof bedding that’s also breathable. Deacon is still not dry at night and due to his Asthma at least once a month has coughing fits which end in vomiting. He did have a mattress protector on his bed, but Deacon also has issues controlling his temperature whilst asleep and it was a nightmare as would heat him up.

Also when it came to washing it was two whole pieces to wash, well not anymore, this sheet is genius and washes beautifully.

Unlike mattress protectors, this bedding is super soft against the skin and there is none of that plastic noise, it is so clever, the pillow case works the same and as it is zipped on it stops dust mites getting into his pillow, even bigger benefit.

We loved them so much that we have now started replacing our bedding with the same, I really recommend looking at all the colours on offer, as you can see they do vibrant colours for a kids room, Deacon and Grayson have them on their beds.

Sibling shared room and how we give them individual spaces to feel their won using decoration from Innocent Charms Chats

I think Deacon’s little corner reflects him so well and he loves having that individual space, I think it is a great way of making them feel like they have somewhere special when they share a room.

Do you have kids that share? How do you make them feel they have their own space I would love to know.

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*We received b-Sensible bedding to share our views.


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