Corners Of My Home // TV Display Cabinet With Valspar

Up-cycling it makes me so happy.

To take a beautiful piece of furniture with history and instead of sending it to be firewood to make it into something new and re-loved.


To date my new TV Display Cabinet is my favourite ever upcycle. The cabinet was a steal at £15 and when Valspar offered to provide the paint I was pretty excited as I have never used their paints before.

Living Room Makeover, 60s style decor using Valspar and Mini Moderns ? Innocent Charms Chats

The colour choice with Valspar is outstanding, I knew I wanted Mustard but when I saw how many Mustards to choose from at B&Q I found I had quite a decision. I finally settled on Sense of Wonder. The Valspar staff were excellent at helping me to make the right choice for which type of paint, we went for the Eggshell Premium.

Upcycling retro furniture with Valspar paint / Innocent Charms Chats

The paint has super scrub formula with extra durability. Perfect as Grayson loves to stand at our cabinet.

The paint went on incredibly well, I started with a base coat with a brush but then decided to move onto a roller which worked fantastic, nice smooth even finish. I could have left it at coat two but decided to add a third so it had a nice rich colour. Instead of painting the legs Mustard I decided on some Copper Pinty Plus Spray to off set the Mustard even more.

Many of you will know I have a love for all things vintage/retro and this 60’s piece fits right into our home.

I wanted the piece to represent its era, I decided that a printed wallpaper would do a great job for this. I instantly headed to Mini Moderns website. After hearing a presentation from them I have been lusting after their Wallpaper, being in rented accommodation means no wallpaper on the walls so this was the perfect project to have their designs in my home.

Mini Moderns Darjeeling Wallpaper / Retro 60s Wallpaper / Innocent Charms Chats

Mini Moderns kindly sent me their Darjeeling Wallpaper I think many of you will agree it is beautiful, it reminds me so much of Wallpapers and tiles from the 60s and gives an amazing back drop for the little trinkets the cabinet will hold.

Vintage Retro Living Room / Innocent Charms Chats

Onto the trinkets, at the moment there are only a few and they are not what I have in my minds set, but that is the great thing about styling your home, it evolves with you, with trips to charity shops, boot fairs and more.

Vintage Teacup / Innocent Charms Chats

With great colour, print and finish though my new TV Cabinet has made our Living Room feel more like home and more complete.

Upcycling Retro Furniture with Valspar / Innocent Charms Chats

If you have an upcycle or home project in your future do check out the brands who helped me with mine, I can’t wait to move onto my next project.

Corners of my Home is open for the next 3 weeks, add your Interiors posts and Instagram photos, lets build a community.

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