Corners of My Home // A New !

corners of my home

Regular blog readers may remember a segment on my blog from middle of last year called Corners of My HomeI would each month pick a corner of my house and share, then I would open the post up for you to share any home posts you have blogged that month so I could have a read and be inspired.

I stopped the monthly posts as I just hated our old house so much and gave up on it, but now we have moved and finally unpacking (yes I know 2 months later), I thought it was time to start the segment again and get inspired.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is an artist and art form I have loved since my teens, I am heavily influenced by many eras in art after doing Art A’level. For my 18th Birthday my Dad bought me a hand painted CRM inspired Tea set, only 20 were ever made and it is so beautiful, for the past 2 years it has been boxed up but after receiving an amazing hand painted Mackintosh inspired picture from a dear friend Sian when we moved in I decided to unpack my tea set immediately and display in my entrance hall for all to see.

corners of my home

Isn’t it lovely and it works brilliantly against my G Plan dark wood. It had a lovely tray too but that had become mouldy when packed 🙁

I really should use it but I am so fearful of it breaking as it can not be replaced.

Also in the hallway I have put the piece of artwork Sian sent me, she too loves CRM and I was over the moon when she treated me to this piece. I was so impressed I hounded her into starting to sell pieces and after many messages she finally set up a shop, so do take a look, I have since bought a piece for Addison.

corners of my home


Do you have any artists that influence your home decor ?

Don’t forget to share your home posts, I am finally starting to buy art, cushions and much more so always looking for new things to treat the home too.

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