Corners of my Home / Addison’s Shadow Box

corners of my home


Sorry to be a day late this month with the Corners of my Home, but as it was Purple Day yesterday I honestly had a good excuse.

I have found it hard what corner to share this month as we have finally started really ploughing on with the new house and it is starting to look like me. The only thing holding it up now is money, but I have decided I am going to do some room tour VLOGs on our work in progress so you can all have a nose, so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out!

So at the last-minute I decided on just a small corner of Addison’s room, the reason being as I only completed yesterday and decided it was so cute and she was so much in love that it needed to be shared.

By no means is it not something that has been done before, it is not hugely special but to her it is and I love it.

Here goes…

corners of my home

Addison has always loved my Shadow boxes so I knew when we moved she would have one of sorts, I was set on one of those little house ones, but then I decided to upcycle this. In actual fact I have done nothing to it other than stuck it up with command strips (clever little things), what I mean is its original use is actually a stamp set holder. It comes from Melissa and Doug and I had taken the contents out and thought this is way to good to chuck away (I do a lot of this, hoarder I think it is called) and this just proves it.

shadow box

Addison is over the moon, she is a collector of anything miniature (this is only a 3rd of her goodies) and she loves that she can move them around, take them down, play and then have a piece of art on her wall by her bed.

I must say honestly I am a little jealous, I want it, plus her awesome collection within it. But I am so pleased to have created something she loves so much.

corners of my home


What little trinkets do you display on your walls ? Are you too a hoarder of awesome things?

Do come and share any posts you may have this month of your home interiors, I am always looking to be inspired.

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