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Well I am well and truly late with March’s Corners of my Home, apologies for that, but I did explain.

This month there will be two corners up, this one from my new contributor Mrs Emily Clark and then a Corner of my Home as normal on the 20th.

I am excited for Emily to share her first post and a lovely corner of her home, so I shall hand you over…

I never thought we would have a conservatory but we are lucky enough to now have one. And I love it. A lot. It is my favourite place to enjoy a cuppa, listen to the rain or the birdsong and watch the clouds go by.

When we moved in we inherited a leak in the conservatory and a water stained red wall. Months later the source of the leak was found and I could finally get on with putting my stamp on it.

First thing was to get rid of the red wall. I have always just gone for neutral colours but I thought a green would go well. Lots of people had recommended Little Greene Paint and I am glad they did. I love it! I decided on the colour Pea Green (I say I as my husband is colour blind and actually he says that whatever he says doesn’t matter as I will go for what I want anyway 😂). It is a lovely shade and goes perfectly. They have so many gorgeous colours, I want to try them all! I also painted the little tables with Little Greene but I will talk about that more another time as I have upcycled a few things now and the rocking chair is next!

Lots of people had recommended Little Greene Paint and I am glad they did. I love it!

Corners of my home

We definitely needed some sort of seating as the children’s toys are in the conservatory too so it’s nice to sit with them while they play. I didn’t want a normal sofa as they are generally quite large and I thought they would take up too much room. After much internet searching I came across the Skandi Snuggle Chair from Dunelm (ours is in charcoal). It’s great as it is the perfect size and I love the design.

Buzzy buzzy Bees. I adore them and thought the conservatory would be the best place for them. I couldn’t resist the bee cushions (all from Tesco’s) I was also lucky enough to win a bee watercolour on Instagram from pomegranatepeaches, which goes perfectly and is beautiful. She has some wonderful pieces, so take a look.

Corner of my Home

I knew I wanted something on the wall as it was just too bare but deciding what was hard. Photos, pictures, shelves??
I love the Internet but sometimes it gives you too many options. After a lot of looking I decided on these circular shelves which go really well. After more searching I found the cheapest place to get them from was Amazon (I am slightly addicted to Amazon as it has everything!) So many people have commented on them as they are different. Fill with knick-knacks and job done!

Wall Art
Bee Cup and Egg Cup/Cactus/Bee Dish

There is always something I think about getting but for now I am happy with the space and I am enjoying it.
Next time I will focus on my up cycling and the projects I have done so far.
Thank you for reading.


Wow I am quite jealous of this space, I have never personally used Little Greene paint but definately going to try it once we move and that chair, I want it!

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