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In our past three homes I have been lucky enough to have a dressing table area, I know to some it really isn’t a must but for this beauty/make up loving gal it is always a winning preference.

G Plan Dressing Table

When we moved here I was lucky enough to pick up this gorgeous G Plan beauty for under £40, although in the end it cost a lot more as the car blew up on the drive to it, I digress.

I have a love for Mid Century pieces in particular G Plan, I am not sure why, sometimes I am quite sure I was born in the wrong era, I definitely have an old soul and that comes out in my homewares.

Our Bedroom is a room we started not long after moving in a year ago, but after Grayson’s accident in the Summer and knowing we would move by this Summer I decided to stop in my decorating process.

So my dressing table is a little half-finished, but cute all the same, it houses a couple of accessories I love on top, my newest being this washable paper copper bag from The Future Kept, you really must check these out they are amazing and I can’t wait to buy a few more for plant pots.

The Future kept

I also have the oldest thing I own decorating this little space, a beautiful silver vintage dress bag which is truly magnificent. My Grandfather bought it for my Nana when they were courting over 65 years ago and she graciously passed it down to me after watching me lust over it for many years.

Corners of my Home

I think that is the thing about a dressing table, it is the place of dreams, I remember even as a TomBoy craving for my own special space and I am so thankful to have it, to create memories, Deacon in particular loves to come and sit with me here, watching me put my Make Up on, intrigued by all my items, giggling as I touch his nose with my blusher brush.

G Plan Dressing Table

There are things that need changing and updating, the mirror for sure and I have some plans with Spray paint for my Cotton Wool pots, but that is the fun of having a home, constantly evolving into that Pinterest perfect area.

Are you lucky enough to have a dressing table ? I would love for you to share it with me, in a blog post or even tag me on Instagram. Don’t forget to link up any posts this month sharing Corners Of Your Home.

This month I have also filmed a look into this Corner, not only showing the beauty on top but all my goodies inside if you fancy a nose.

Link up and let me have a look round your home….

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