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I don’t know about you but our Guest Toilet is a room that had never been touched.

It was a brand new when we moved in so it’s clean, tidy and fine as it was. A room that we only use for, well nothing fun so I focussed on other rooms.

Then I realised though it is the room that gets used the most and by Guests, so I decided I wanted it to be a little “special”.

The lovely Kristy aka That.Middle.Place (featuring this month) also felt the same as she has just given her little Downstairs Toilet a spruce too and it’s gorgeous!

But first, a look at my Heart Inspired Guest Toilet…

Creating artwork from vintage Buttons at Innocent Charms Chats

It all started on the back of the Button Heart Artwork I made about 8 years ago for our old house. It always receives many compliments so I knew I wanted to create some other pieces to pretty up the walls and a couple of months ago I put some of our Sea Glass collection to good use and the heart theme was born.

It just must be a shape I gravitate towards as then I realised I had quite a few hanging heart ornaments packed away and around the home so I made a Gallery Wall with a difference to make a statement in our small toilet.

Gallery wall inspiration on Corners of my Home at Innocent Charms Chats

The great thing is they all hold memories and whenever anyone walks into the room they soon turn round and ask us all about it.

And we can’t forget my 2 creations for the room, I couldn’t stop myself using my Happy Fabric Vinyl to upcycle a plain towel, so easy and that little extra something at no extra cost.

Creating a one of a kind guest towel using Happy Fabric Heat Transfer Vinyls at Innocent Charms Chats

Also using things I have, I took an old food jar and spray painted with leftover Pinty Plus spray, popped a tea light in and you have something to make the room that more inviting.

DIY Jam Jar Tealight holder using Pinty Plus Spray Paint at Innocent Charms Chats

So on the subject of using things you already have to restyle a room, let me show you Kristy’s Guest Toilet…

Guest toilet inspiration over at Innocent Charms Chats featuring a Green, Natural and Black Colour Theme

AMAZING isn’t it ? I want to recreate so much of this space in our new en-suite (more about that another day).

Guest toilet inspiration over at Innocent Charms Chats featuring a Green, Natural and Black Colour Theme

Kristy knew she wanted the a Green and Natural palette with Black to make it pop and it certainly does that, she used Brick Wallpaper for a great backdrop, which was cheap as chips from B&Q, then with Scaffold Boards and some old Ikea Brackets she created a space to fill with memories and items she loved.

I love all the textures, Greenery and trinkets. Kristy told me how her favourite things are the Shells, Rocks and Pinecones that her daughters brought back from holidays as they hold memories, the same for the Fisherman’s Float which they bought is French Secondhand shop.

Guest toilet inspiration over at Innocent Charms Chats featuring a Green, Natural and Black Colour Theme

I think it is amazing how even though not with a Nautical theme as such it has Nautical touches which work perfectly alongside touches of woodland, Mother Nature the best Pinterest Board.


What I am asked a lot and I know Kristy is to is where you get your inspiration.

Both of us answered pretty much the same, Pinterest, Instagram, what you have around your home already. Kristy like me said she finds that one thing she knows she wants to do and builds from there.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at two very different Guest Toilets, as I said both were done on a small budget but make quite an impact and don’t forget to check out Kristy’s Instagram for more Interiors Inspiration and the most amazing vintage finds.

Make sure you come back each month to check out a new Corner or my home as well as someone else’s.

Bathroom Interiors Inspiration from Innocent Charms Chats

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