Corners Of My Home // Living In A Rented Home

I hate our current house, it was an emergency rental a year ago and we have had just to renew for another 6 months so we didn’t become homeless. It is not my taste, it is dark, cold and has no carpet but although it has all these problems it doesn’t mean instead of just being a house it can not be our home.

I have lived in rentals now for the past 9 years and have learnt ways to make them our own, not being able to decorate does upset me, I am HUGELY into Interior Design, wallpapers and paint colours but using furniture, artwork and even now reusable stickers means the house we live in can be our home.

I thought I would share my favourite corners of our downstairs, they are quick snippets, maybe one day I will get round to room tours so you can see some of my lovely furniture.

corners of my home

Our downstairs bathroom – although it is only plastic stain glass effect I love the way it lights up the Bathroom with so many colours – it shows off all my pretties I have collected over the years, the shell being one of my faves.

corners of my home

Entrance Way – I have a thing about hearts, it’s the shabby chic lover in me, I also love words and phrases around the home – I love that these meet you as you walk in the front door – the top is perfect for our house “Please excuse the noise and mess, my Children are making happy memories.”

corners of my home

Living Room – These 2 photos are above/on top of my G Plan sideboard – The top shows my gorgeous Geek Goes Vintage Angel which was made by Sian To’s Hubby, I sit it with my unframed Big Eye Art as Sian and I both have a big love for them. The 2nd photo shows a picture on the wall I bought when I was 16, it has been up in every house since, it was a cheapie and still in original frame, there is just something I love about it. Also here is my Cloche which houses my Alice in Wonderland Bottle and Toadstool, I think they work well together.

momiji dolls

Living Room – Above my G Plan I have this awesome Printers Tray/Shadow Box that I got for a steal, it houses my Momiji Doll collection, as well as other treasures, it is my favourite thing in the house, I love seeing it evolve with new treasures.

corners of my home

Playroom/Office/Pushchair Room – This is the only wall space in this room as it is the conservatory, the room is always a mess no matter how hard I try, mainly in part to the kiddos but also due to my Pushchair collection. On the wall are the canvases my Mom made for Addison & Grayson’s 1st shared birthday, each puzzle piece has messages from people who helped them celebrate. The 2 pieces next to them are wooden pictures given to me the day I was born, they have been with me ever since and I love they are now there for my Kiddies.

brakig bowls

Lastly a snippet of my Kitchen, to be honest I need to do a whole room tour of here as I love things in my Kitchen, but this snippet shows some of its delights. I love my little tray that sits on my table, usually the jugs have some flowers in. My gorgeous new Brakig bowls from Ikea and then a glimpse of one of my painted chairs behind.

So I really think a rental house can be a home. Do you have any suggestions on how else to make a rental your own ?

So excited this post has inspired others to join in, my gorgeous friend Sian was the 1st here. If this post inspires you let me know so I can add your links.

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