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Sorry I am a little late with this months Corners of my Home post but life has been very busy. I was unsure what part of the house to share with you this month, I am starting to hate the house more each day so I have not been overly bothering, instead I focus on how I want rooms to look when we move, I have some posts coming up with inspiration so watch this space.

corners of my home


In then hit me as I went to write the post that I have never shown my little work area, it literally is a corner, a corner of our very busy Living Room, I hate how dark it is, our whole house is very dark as the lower level is below the road so is covered by a bank and gets very little natural light, I am crazy about light.

My desk is a piece I had wanted for many years, I spotted it one day as I walked through Marks and Spencer, by the time we had space to buy it they no longer had it, I was so disappointed. Then about 18 months ago we were in Marks and Spencer again at Lakeside and there it was looking back at me, I couldn’t believe it, we were just about to move into our current home and I had decided to buy a second-hand table to use as a desk but had yet found nothing, it was fate, so I sold whatever furniture I no longer liked and scrapped the money to buy it.

I still literally love it as much now as 3 years ago, I have seen it featured in magazines and every time I do I pin the image and smile (sad I know).


The desk is an excellent size, I love the 2 tiers as it puts my iMac at the right viewing height and allows me to put my many treasures on my desk but still have working space. The desk is a lovely glossy bamboo, it is easy to keep clean. The colour of the legs are a duck egg/teal, not usually a colour I gravitate towards but I love it with this desk, it has such a retro feel which is always prominent in my home. It works well with the original G Plan pieces in the room, matching their style but not trying to say I am the same.

I have a 60’s chair that I use with it, no it certainly is not the most comfortable and I have been covering the ugly seat pad for over a year now and never got round to it, but I love the style with the desk.

Next to my desk is my wheely bead storage, although ugly this is a very expensive and excellent piece of kit, it has separator drawers perfect for storing my hundreds of beads. I have a thing about metal baskets, the yellow one is a new addition from H & M, I still haven’t decided how to use yet, the mail one on the wall holds mail needing to be sorted in an attempt to keep the area tidy. The cork board has been purchased this week, it is going to have a little bit of styling then go up on thew wall to hold little pictures and treasures I receive in the post, I can always be found pulling pics from mags or writing notes of inspiration so it shall hold those too.


On my desk there is a great deal of goodness which highlights my personality, my Greengate cups/jugs hold my pencils, they are my floral loving part, I have many a notebook stacked up (but only 1/3 of my collection) I am obsessed with stationery and list making so I can always be found with another notebook.

I have a piece of wood that Mr Innocent Charmer carved a love note into for me, as well as a little glass elephant & angel which Addison and Ash bought me last year, the elephant was Addison’s obsession at the time and shall always be remembered, the angel to signify Innocent Charms my dormant jewellery business as he knows I want to reopen it very soon.

I have pictures stuck up on the wall, ones that make me smile and I look to them when I am stuck. There is a collection of washi tapes as they are an artwork in themselves and are far too pretty to hide away in a cupboard, there is always at least one interiors magazine as I am obsessed with interiors and love to flick through for inspiration.

One of the things that caught my eye about the desk the day I first saw it was the built in metal ruler, as a jewellery maker a ruler is crucial. One day this desk will serve my many loves.

corners of my home

All in all my desk is probably one of my favourite ever corners of my home, I am sure you can tell from this very long post about it.

Do you love interiors, I would love to see your corners, so please do link them up below so i can come and feel inspired.

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