Corners Of My Home // On Our Kitchen Walls

corners of my home


It’s my 3rd month of coming to you with a Corner of my Home – I have struggled this month to feel inspired hence why I am 4 days late with the post, I HATE where we live with a vengeance and due to that I have no interest in making the house look nice. Does anyone else get like this ?

Tomorrow we are going to look at what I potentially think is a perfect house for us, just 2 major negatives, not the area I would choose and £450 over what we can afford each month, but it would suit my family perfectly, not only do I like it, but it would be a fantastic house for Grayson’s needs.

But anyway enough about that house, let me show you a corner of my current home. My kitchen has been of the same decor/style for about 5 years now, there are many things I still love but when we move next time I want to bring in some changes.

I thought I would show you what artwork we have on the walls, there is very little usable wall space in our kitchen and one wall houses my plate rack (thank god as little cupboard space). Most of the artwork will stay but more awesomeness shall be added to it, I shall have to do some posts showing my vision if and when we move.

retro artwork

I bought this Ladybird beauty at a little local shop about 6 years ago now, it has only been up in our current home and actually for it’s use. I love Ladybird and the retro look, very me.


I love retro tin signs, although I do not agree with the one on the right but my Mom bought it for me.


Mr Innocent Charmer bought this clock for me 2 Christmas’s ago, I still really like it, I love all the colours and Addison loves to learn the time on it.


These are both new pieces to my kitchen from the last 6 months. The sign is something I wish I could get my kids to do – maybe one day! I love the hook, I hope to one day have it so I can hang my aprons on it.


Lastly – this sign was made by a very great blogging friend in the US, she shipped it to me whilst I was over there back in 2008, it gads hung in  my Kitchen ever since. It is beautiful, it is me. Jenny still sells her wares do go take a look.

So come show me the corners of your home, let’s be honest we all love to snoop around each others houses, any current home post can link up, if you have re done your living room, have a new piece of art or revamped your bedside cabinet.

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