Corners of my Home // Start of a Picture Wall

corners of my home

I am back showing off my kitchen again this month, it is quickly becoming one of my favourite places in the house and one of my favourite kitchens out of 12 moves.

You may remember from my post over at Life With Munchers where I shared the kid’s bedroom I talked about my love of Gallery Walls, we are probably going to have one in nearly every room in the house as I think there is nothing better than Art and Photo’s to personalise a home.

We have a large blank wall in the Kitchen that you are met with as you walk in, I decided that I wanted to literally fill it to the brim with art I have collected over the years as well as more up to date photos.


I knew I wanted the frames to be all different colours and styles much like what houses them, so I went through my box of frames and got Ashley to start spraying them with all the leftover spray paint we have, My kitchen is all about colour so no colour was barred.


The wall is by no means finished, I was going to wait till I had enough art and frames to fill the wall, but I love to see it evolve, over the last few weeks it changes every few days, as a new piece I find makes the wall or I find another frame in a charity shop to spray.

wall of art

I find art every where I look, so I know filling this wall will not be hard, I have artwork drawn by friends, postcards I have received in subscription boxes, greeting cards and even some Ikea wrapping paper.

I can’t wait to fill it up more and keep showing you how it develops.

If you have seen anything on your travels you think I would love for my wall please do let me know, I am still on the hunt. Please do link up any interiors posts over the next 2 weeks, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing others homes.

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