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I felt truly honoured when back in March my Corners of my Home post inspired so many other bloggers, including 2 ladies I am inspired by very much Sian and Elaine.

If you follow my blog or know me online you will know I am interiors mad, I would be redecorating and buying items for my home every day of the week given half the chance, no part of my home is missed, even the laundry room has a style of its own.



I had always had the intention that my Corners of my Home post would be a series, as said my home is always evolving and with a home move planned this year there will be so much to share, but after talking to some other bloggers I have decided to open it up as a linky so we can all continue to inspire each other with our beautiful homes.

Each month I shall share a new Corner or Corners of my home and open up for you to too.


This month hands down I had to share my new Pocket String Shelf. I have mentioned them many times on my blog and I was very lucky that my Aunt from America asked us to all pick a dream purchase for her to send us.

This was hard for me to do as I usually always buy for the kids, so I am unbelievably excited that it is now here and up on the wall.

I went for the yellow as it is one of my favourite colours, if I am honest it was a hard choice though as there were at least 3 colours I would have liked.


The shelf sits pride of place in my Living Room and is for my little treasures, currently it is a little sparse, I can’t wait to see it change as I receive or buy new pieces to fit on it.

I love the industrial look of String Shelves, the fact there is no hiding, you see pieces from all angles. it is lovely to have a place for my Mary Poppins Big Eye Art and Mini Diana Lomo Camera.


So please come and share the Corners of your home, inspire me, I am always looking for new ideas and styles.


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