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Just before Deacon arrived I was lucky enough to have a very exciting box arrive from the awesome team at Cosatto. If you haven’t heard of Cosatto as a parent you are missing out, Cosatto’s Ethos is Pattern and Colour – “Ditch the drab. Life’s too short for dull stuff. We throw down our polka dot, contrast striped, colourtastic gauntlet. They’re only young once. It’s not a rehearsal. There is only one Cosatto.”

I love this ethos, let’s be honest you have probably walked past a Cosatto Pushchair/Stroller in the street and had a good stare, that is because so many people feel the same way and thus buy Cosatto, it stops you in your tracks, with their many patterns there is really a design for all tastes and Boggles was ours.

The Cosatto Supa Dupa is a lightweight Double Umbrella Fold Stroller, from Birth, with so many gadgets and gizmo’s that even Mr Innocent Charmer had Pram Love when he saw the box.

Our 1st – “Oh Yes Please”

Cosatto Supa Dupa
The push chair was sent for use with Deacon (newborn) and Addison who is an average size 2-year-old, but even Grayson (small 4yr old) has got in on the testing.
Grayson even at over 1 metre tall sat in the Cosatto, don’t get me wrong it certainly would not be able to be used all the time at his age, but he slept nicely in it for a nap and he loved being able to hold Deacon’s hand.
The Push chair comes near enough built-in the box, only needing the hood attached, this took just a few minutes and then it was ready to use, our 1st outing was to the park for a picnic, it did much better than I thought off roading for a lightweight stroller and thankfully even full to the brim I found it quite easy to push. As it is quite narrow (fit’s through standard doorways) it didn’t feel like I was pushing anything bigger than a single push chair, I think the swivel front wheels and 3 handles helped with this.
On the subject of the handles, the Cosatto Supa and Supa Dupa come with height adjustable handles to suit Mum and Dad’s with just a push of a button, to be honest I found the handle heights perfect for me at 5ft 3in (I like tall handles for my bad back) but if we had a choice we would want them to go a little higher as for Ashley as at 6ft 1in he found them a little low.
Along with the push chair also in the box with the Boggles Pattern you get
  • Two Newborn Head Huggers (great if you are having twins)
  • Two Fleece Lined Foot Muffs (with fleece being detachable)
  • Two Insulated Bottle Holders in Matching Pattern
  • Rain Cover (which even fits over a changing bag hanging on the back)
  • Coordinating Changing Bag
  • Cup Holder for Pusher (fits either side)


We choose the Boggles design as we wanted something suitable for both genders, I loved the retro feel to the pattern, it even matches my Living Room Decor. There are 8 different patterns in the Supa Dupa to choose from, include a gorgeous Bow Design and Pirate theme.

So how did Deacon get on ?

I was a little worried about putting Deacon in a Stroller, up to now all my Newborns have always been in very cradling push chairs, but I did not need to worry, firstly the lovely Newborn Head Hugger holds him perfectly, even going up and down curbs he has not moved once, with 4 reclines, which unlike most umbrella strollers go down with a simple one touch clip, the seat unit can lay flat, each seat has independent movement, so it works perfect for having two children of different ages. I loved that even when pushing the back of the hood has fab windows which allow me to look through and check on Deacon at all times, the only thing that would make this better would be if the window had a cover as every so often the sun would shine through it.

Talking of the hoods, for me the biggest winner for the Supa Dupa is the HUGE hoods, they cover Deacon whole when he is laying down, only once on the hottest day of the year did his toes just get seen by the sun, I can see this also being a massive benefit in the winter to protect from bad winds.


And Addison ? Did the Supa Dupa Work for a 2 Year Old ?

The hood is also a benefit for Addison, as when out and needing a nap, like most kids Addison sometimes needs to be hidden a little from the outside world, no other stroller has ever had a hood that achieved this, the Supa Dupa does.

Addison loves sitting side by side with Deacon, she always says “Are you Ok Baby Deacon ?” and she tells me when he is coughing or crying (although I can hear) it is very cute. She has slept well in the Supa Dupa, she actually likes to have the leg rest up straight so she can fold her legs, but if not and it’s down her legs are a good length for the foot rest, I would say she has at least another year of growth room length ways, the seat is a little snug but not uncomfortably, I would say she has again at least another year which lets be honest by then she shouldn’t need a pushchair.


Addison loved the added gadget benefits that took Daddy’s eyes, that is the inbuilt speaker and tablet holder in the hood, she could watch CloudBabies whilst being pushed along, which was handy when we had to take her with us to a boring hospital appointment, I didn’t have to worry about her constantly touching the screen and then crying when Cloudbabies is no longer playing.

The speaker is pretty good quality and we even plugged our phone in and played some music whilst we were at our picnic, a nice added extra if you ask me.

So all in all I think for RRP’s from as little as £290 it’s amazing value for an everyday pushchair for either twins or siblings of 2 different ages, as it folds down like an umbrella stroller it can easily fit into the smallest of cars, unlike a lot of doubles and when you get it out of the boot it stands perfectly once folded so no worries about tipping it over and damaging the awesome patterns whilst you sort the bags out.


With so many gadgets and fab fleece lined sleeping bags it is suitable for all British weather and has a fab rain cover that fit’s over the whole pushchair and your changing bag. I loved the changing bag that came with our model, surprisingly it fits everything in for 3 little ones whilst out and about. The only thing I found hard about using the Supa Dupa on a day out without the hubby was the weight, the Supa Dupa could do with being a fraction lighter when lifting it in and out of the car.

I certainly have recommended to friends and know a friend that has bought one and another who purchased the Supa (the single stroller option) after my recommendations. I would love to get one of the single pushchairs too for the future for quick shopping days or on holiday when I don’t want to take my normal pushchair.

cosatto's at kiddicare

Supa Dupa’s lined up at Kiddicare

Disclosure – I was sent the Supa Dupa from Cosatto for review, all the opinions are my own.


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