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For us Valentines is about love and showing the people I care about that I love them and that is all 4 other people in my house, we celebrate with Chocolate Hearts and dinner together.

So when Bostik sent us a box of goodies with the prompt Valentines Crafts Addison was very excited, firstly she is the queen of crafting and secondly she wanted to make some pink gifts to show some love.

We ended up with a lovely Love Bug Card for Daddo (ssh) and a Love Wand, which she insists she can sparkle love over all that come to her. I must say the Love Wand is so simple but she has none stopped played with it.

Valentines Crafts for Kids

Love Bug Card

Valentines Crafts

Simply fold a piece of A4 card in half or use a card blank, cut a semi-circle for the face, we used glittery card to be even more sparkly, glue down making sure to put the furry pipecleaner underneath.

Someone loves sticking and gluing
Someone loves sticking and gluing

Decorate either a cut out cardboard heart or in our case we had a large foam heart sticker, you could use Bostik Glitter Pens, buttons, stickers the possibility is endless. Stick on top of the semi-circle.

Add eyes and you are done, a sweet simple card for the love in their lives.

Love Wand

valentines Crafts

Decorate a polystyrene heart, Addison used the Bostik Glitter Pens, as the girl loves glitter, she simply squirted some on and rubbed in with her finger, I also think painting the heart would be a great idea.

valentines Crafts

Leave to dry, meanwhile take a wooden skewer and push some ribbons through the pointy end down about 2 inches.

Once the heart is dry add decorations of choice using Bostik Glue, we went for some heart stickers and jewels of course, every wand needs jewels, then simply push the heart onto the spike end till it meets the ribbons.

You are ready to Sparkle some Love as Addison says. She now wants to make wands with her friends on a playdate, they are such a simple craft that allows their imagination to run free.


Have you made any Valentines crafts ? We would love to see as she now wants to make some more this weekend.


*Some items recieved from Bostik so we could share a craft with you all

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