Crafts // Dragon Puppet With Bostik

This month the team at Bostik asked us to create a craft based around Dragons!

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, 
that features in the myths of many cultures.

My kids love Dragons so I knew it would be something for them, whilst I waited for our box to arrive I kept toying with ideas, mainly around Chinese Dragons as Addison had been learning about them at school. Then one afternoon we they were playing pirate dress up with some foam masks they had and I knew it had to be a Dragon Mask/Puppet as they are both dress up crazy.

I decided it would need to be on a stick they could hold as neither of them overly love elastic round their head and then this way they could also do puppet shows with it.

I drew out a design and then got to work cutting it all out and sticking together, we went with foam instead of card as it is nicer near kids faces and adds a much better 3D effect.


First I made a simple template of the size of Addison’s face so I knew how big the Puppet would be (half an A4 sheet).

Dragon Crafting

Once all the pieces were cut out it was a case of simply gluing them all together with Bostik White Glu, I drew all my pieces free hand and am happy to draw again as templates if anyone would like.

Firstly glue the eyes on the back, then the wings and teeth, I don’t think colours are important, just go with what you have or personal choice.

Once they were done I cut out horns, eyes and nostrils from Black foam, draw one and then trace for the other so they are identical.

Next using the Bostik Glitter Pens I added some details for the bridge of the nose, this could be done in a permanent marker but we love a bit of glitter in our house.

Dragon Puppet Making

Next the kids had fun ripping up strips of Red, Yellow and Orange tissue paper to use for the flames, I also cut up some string sequins and layered these all together with double-sided sticky tape, then stuck to the reverse.

Lastly I added 2 lolly sticks to the back of the puppet, one through the middle to keep it nice and stiff the other for the kids to hold, simply with tape.

Dragon Puppet

This project only took me 15 minutes from start to finish, so simple and the kids love her, she has been named Fire Ruby Red and now needs a brother I have been told, to stop arguments I know what I shall be doing Tuesday.

Do let me know if you have a go at making your own Dragon, I would love to see the results.

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*Some items were sent by Bostik for this post.

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