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It is our second month working with Bostik and this months theme is Easter. I may have done a little cheer as after Christmas, Easter is my favourite holiday, I think in part it is due to all the pastel colours (I do love a pastel), part as it’s a chocolate holiday and lastly due to my memories on how special it always was for us. My family like to celebrate holidays.

Over the next few weeks I plan for their to be a few Easter craft posts coming this way, so if you to love to Easter Craft do give me a follow.

Today it is all about simple but effective Easter Cards. We will only send a few to the Grandparents and Aunty as Addison loves to send a card and these are perfect, they would be a great activity for the first few days of the Easter Holidays.

You will need….


Chose a lovely patterned paper, you can choose anything you like, I went for some pastel polkadots as they reminded me of Spring.

Instead of drawing the bunny onto the paper I put it into the printer and printed 4 bunnies  onto the back of paper ready to cut round, I just used a simple template which you can find here.

Then it was a case of cutting the bunnies out and using Bostik Fast-Tak spray glue. This glue is amazing, it can do so much more than simple card/paper gluing, I can’t wait to get it working on Glass and other materials.


Next is adding a little bunny tail, I went with cute little furry pom-poms to add a dimension to the cards. Simply a little Bostik White Glu and they are in place.

The possibilities are endless of how you can use this template, I used buttons for the tail, added some green tissue paper for grass and even added some flowers to another card.

Handmade Easter Cards

The Bunnies printed at this size work on both A5 and A6 cards, but you could also print smaller and put say three Bunnies in a row on a card turned Landscape.

We shall be making a couple more I am sure once Addison sees them, although I do have another Easter Card idea in my head I would like to give a try.

What Easter crafts do you like to do ? I am always on the look out for more to put my Bostik products to the test.

Don’t forget to search #BostikBloggers on twitter and check out the other Easter Crafts from the team of Bloggers.

*We received some of the products used FOC from Bostik.

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