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In a Country where in the middle of May one day can be a heat wave and the next terrible storms it is no wonder kids are intrigued by the Weather.

One of the first things Addison asks in the morning is what the weather will be like today ? It is very important in terms of what school uniform she picks and whether she will get outdoor play.

So when Bostik set the theme Weather for this months craft I had an idea in mind.

I set about making a Weather Board, somewhere each morning, the kids or I could put what today’s weather would be like, simple and bright so that all 3 could take one look and know what the day ahead shall be like.

The whole construction took less than 20 minutes and only needs a few simple materials….

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Shopping list – Foam/Card/Bostik BluTak/Bostik Glue Dots/Bostik Glue/Washi Tape

First I went about cutting all the different types of weather symbols from foam, I was lucky enough to have a few already but the others I just drew freehand. These could be made from any material, felt, cardboard whatever you have.

Kids Weather Craft

I then stuck a blue rectangle of foam onto a piece of card using Bostik Glue, this would give the background to the weather for that day, I added some foam grass just to make it look cute.

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I also stuck on a little plastic wallet to store the symbols in which were not being used that day using Bostik Glue Dots and decorated with washi tape.

Lastly I used Blu-tack on the back of each symbol so that the kids could easily pull them on and off each day.

Kids Weather Craft

It really was that simple, yet it is seriously effective and a lot of fun. I have stuck it at the kids height in our Kitchen underneath the clock as we are daily getting Addison to read the date and time, so the weather has fallen into that routine.

Kids Weather Craft

Do your kids love learning about the Weather ? Then why not give this a go this weekend.

Kids Weather Craft

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