Creating A Shelfie With Homebase

When the phrase “Shelfie” was given many moons ago and then immortalised with a hashtag my world changed. I have always had a thing about Shelves and re-styling them, sometimes on a daily basis, so now the world of Instagram was even more addictive to me.

I can spend many an evening searching #SHELFIE – looking at how everyone else styles theirs, for inspiration, to see the new shelf on the block.

But what makes the perfect Shelfie ??

I don’t think there really is one. To be honest I think it is all about personal taste and what that shelf in particular is destined for.

Homebase Shelfie

For example my newest shelf in our Bedroom did not have a purpose, I just did not like the negative space above my desk. Initially I was thinking a Mirror, but why ? It would not ever be looked in and the room did not need to feel bigger. Then I thought of Art, but with so many gallery walls in our home I did not want this space to feel cluttered, this was to be a more calming space.

So I decided on a shelf, it would be practical and could still house some decoration in the form of Art or items.


I went with a simple white floating shelf, I wanted the shelf to be less of a statement and for it to be more about the items on it.

The shelf ended up being deeper than I had foreseen, me not measuring per usual, but in fact it has worked quite well.

My main aim was not to over clutter it, I am terrible, I see an open space and I feel it has to be filled, but that is not always the case and not always good for the soul.

I decided to add a lamp as I had moved the one on my desk previously to my Dressing Table as I desperately needed light there, I loved the idea of having the lamp above the desk as the light would naturally illuminate over my working space but without being harsh direct light into my face.

Corners of my Home

Along with a great simple faced clock that set the main shape of the Shelfie, I added a simple White frame with a great quote from Strawberry Umbrella, some of my favourite notebooks, not only to add decoration but usefully placed for when I need them.

I then just needed a couple of finishing touches, I wanted to bring in a little more colour to tie in with our wall stickers and furniture at the opposite side of the room so I chose this decorative vase from Habitat.


Lastly the Copper tealight holder, it is not a safe place for a candle, but I like to think outside the box when it comes to the use of an item, I knew this would be a perfect way of displaying some of my favourite Washi Tape. I think it works brilliantly and showcases well.

Washi Tape Holder

What do you think of my Shelfie ? How do you feel about less is more approach ? Fancy styling a shelf, here are my personal top tips, let me know yours.

  • Less is more can be good for the soul – space can be a good thing
  • There is so much shelf choice so think before buying what your plans for it are
  • Measure before buying/ordering
  • Layers – creating depth to a shelf makes it more interesting, add photos/prints in front of one another
  • Think of items for uses other than their designated use
  • Style your shelf then live with it for a day or so, sometimes only then you can see if something is not right
  • Shelves are the perfect place to change-up with moods or seasons
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*I was compensated with items in this post from Homebase to share this post.

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