Being On Crutches, Returning To Routine and Easter // Little Loves

Well that is it, like it never happened the glorious Easter holidays are finished and we are a week down of the new term.

Anyone else wishing for half term already ???

So grab a cuppa (I need to I am chilly) and enjoy what I am loving this week…



I am still reading Becoming by Laura Jane Williams, I would have finished it this week if I was just not so exhausted. It is such a good read and I really recommend it.

Have you ever read a blog post though and thought “I wish everyone would give this a read ?”  Well Kate’s blog is like that for me and in particular her post this week…

35 Ideas for a Happy and Healthy Life

As a fellow anxiety sufferer I am looking for ways to cope with life rather than medications. I think in today’s world we are all so driven with working, paying the bills and keeping going that we forget to stop and be happy.

This post reminds you to.


I finally have watched the second episode of Big Little Lies, it is still odd but after so many responses last week on my post I shall keep with it.

It was all about family time for us this last Easter weekend and it was lovely seeing the kids so excited. Even Grayson really loved having his own little egg hunt, where he actually picked up the eggs.



Well I am feeling so annoyed as this week my #100daysofICCCreating has been put  on hold. I have a good excuse, I am on crutches, such a long story but I have royally ruined my ankle and foot. I am supposed to be on full-time rest but that is just not possible, I have to work and do school runs. But it does mean by the evenings I have a swollen foot which has to be elevated.

I did surprise Deacon with a necklace of his own this week though after he loved the ones I had made last week.

Think his face says it all!


Crazy Hair! I am counting down the days to finally getting my hair cut. It has been over 11 weeks this time and I am so ready for it.

I am in the growing my hair camp again this month (god knows how long it will last) so of course it is barely growing, I must say embracing my natural curl always make me happier.


I am all about Ed Sheeran this week. I have never been a huge fan.

I don’t think there is denying he is talented (I mean how many singles currently in the top 10) but me personally never been too bothered, but I am loving Galway Girl.

Anyone else??

And Lastly

I have been tagged by the very beautiful Hannah of What Hannah Did Next over on insta for 20 facts about me, can I think of any which are not super boring or that you already know ? Nope!

So tell me is there anything you would ask me ? Or wanted to know that I could share ?


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