>Day 11 – Living in a very Small Country

Note : Post for Tuesay 5th feb one week behind but catching up.

Well as many of you know from yesterdays post, I had a long trip home last night but tonights was not much quicker.

I live in Kent right on the South East of Englands Coast line, I drive every day from Dover to Herne Bay, 2 fairly large and tourist towns, but worst of all I drive through the city of Canterbury, touristy, pretty but most of all very BUSY and to top it all off unlike the amazing roads and highways repair departments in the USA we do not have those in the UK, one of our main roads through our city is shut for 15weeks to put some Gas and Electric mains down and in all honesty it wont be as quick as that, its like shutting the Strip in Las Vegas just stupid.

So todays picture shows the lovely traffic jams I sat in on the way home, I even left later at 6pm cause all the commuter and school traffic is usually gone but it took me 1 hour 10 mins to get home and 20 minutes of that was sitting right here.

Worst thing I was on my own and the stero was not in the car so a trifle bored hence I got the camera out LOL.

I want to finish off by saying a great big thanks to everyone who has been leaving great comments in my abscence, I hate having no puter and long for a 10 min break at work to chat to you all, I am still thinking of you and new puter ordered from Dell but on delay till 2nd week of March so bear with me.


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