>Day 13 – Unlucky for some

This is a bit of a cheat really, but I got so far behind I was sure many of you wouldn’t mind.

See unlike many people 13 is one of my lucky numbers and in turn Ashley and My lucky number, it was so much so our lucky number we made sure we got married on the 13th.
Hence todays piccy, this is one of my favourite wedding pictures of myself (hate having photo taken) and it wasn’t taken by my fancy photographer or even on a fancy digital camera, my Auntie took this on her old original SLR camera that my granddad and Nana bought her many moons ago, I love pictures taken with these cameras, I love the glow it gives and the way the picture looks warm and fuzzy. (technical aren’t I)

I was so pleased with the weather on our wedding day, it was November 2004 and considering the UK is usually terrible we were so lucky as you can sunny and warm.

Thanks for all the entries into the OWOH I will be drawing the winners later today so don’t forget to check back.


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