>Day 9 – Manicures Rock

I know today is actually Day 17, but over the next couple of days I should be able to catch myself up, so bear with me.

Last Sunday as my computer had fone bye bye, I had a little Kara time on my hands, up until a year ago I use to go to the nail salon every 2 weeks to have my nails done, they measured about 1 inch long from the end of my nail, I would paint patterns on them and re did them at least once a week, I could make jewellery, cook dinner and clean with no problem as I was used to it. Then when I started having problems with my hormone levels the 1st things to go were my nails, they wouldn’t last a day without snapping and now as you can see from the pictures they are barely there, I hate the fact they are like this I do spend time trying to look after them but thats all they will grow to, I feel quite unfeminate my hands look stumpy but for now this is the way nature wants them to be, so every so often I take the time to spoil myself with a great OPI polish and a little bit of cuticle work and Sunday was that day.

Now people don’t forget to check out my 2 previous posts for the OHOW giveaways I have changed to 2 prizes.

Oh on puter front my daddy has lent me the money for a new one which I ordered today, yippee, now I just have to wait. UGH !


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