>Day four of Etsy Challange and I nearly didn’t make it

>Can you believe it, it’s only day four of the Challenge I set myself and I nearly broke it.

Have only just got home 9.20pm GMT time and I am sooo tired, but managed to do a quick listing and short post with my new item.

Its been an amazingly busy day at work got in around 7am and didn’t even stop for lunch, luckily finished early at 2.30pm as had a hospital appointment but haven’t stopped since then as we took the hour drive each way to see my nephew for his 2nd Birthday, he was such a sweetie (will post piccy’s tomorrow when I am not falling asleep).

So anyway here is piccy of item I have listed on Etsy, these are my favourite Summer Earrings to date, Sterling Silver and Precosia/Swarovski Crystals, can’t post link to Etsy as on my Apple computer(hates blogger) but just hit the link to my Etsy shop and you will see more.

Don’t forget peeps my Name Post challenge finishes tomorrow night don’t forget to post and thanks for all the amazing responses already, like a couple of names may add to the list.

Goodnight and sleep tight


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