Day Zero 101 List

Some Beautiful Flowers Grayson sent me for Mother’s Day

You may remember about a couple of months ago I blogged about the Day Zero Project that I am taking part in, I asked all your wonderful visitors for ideas for my list.

Well I did complete my list and though I must share it with you all, maybe for inspiration, maybe so know I have shown you all and it will make me more definite on sticking to it.
I have completed a couple of tasks so far on the list and have also some in progress, I am hoping over the next couple of months to take some time out and focus on a couple of the ME tasks.

1)Get a New Tattoo

2)Make a Will

3)Move House

4)Buy a Car

5)Go for a Picnic

6)Go to the Cinema on my own

7) Buy a New Bed

8)Have a Manicure

9)Sell something on Etsy

10)Go Bowling

11)Go to a Disneyland

12)Carve a Pumpkin

13)Win a Competition

14)Paint a piece of Pottery

15)Write 5 letters to 5 people that have changed my life

16)Do a Car Boot Sale

17)See an old friend

18)Have a 30th Birthday Party

19)Drink only Water for a Whole Week

20)Grow a Vegetable

21)Get my Eyebrow’s Threaded

22)Make Homemade Lemonade

23)Send Flowers to Someone

24)Run a 5k for Charity

25)Make a Handbag

26)Have at least 1 more Baby

27)Make some Teacup Candles

28)Write in either one of my 2 Blogs at least once a month

29)Use my Slow Cooker

30)Buy or get given a Cath Kidston Radio

31)Put 50p in a jar every day of the 1001

32)Eat 5 Fruit and Veg a day for a month

33) Take a picture of my Son everyday

34)Buy a Lotto ticket at least once a month

35)Fill all the photo frames I own

36)Take my Hubby to see The Lion King Show

37) eep up my iPhone 365 Flickr Challenge

38)Make something from my Cath Kidston ‘Make’ Book

39) Visit 5 places in the UK I have never been to before

40) Visit at least 3 Cath Kidston shops I have never visited before

41)Do a 24hr Famine for Charity

42)Do a Cross Stitch for Grayson’s Bedroom

43)Go to Primrose Hill Cupcakery in London

44)Paint the Kitchen Trolley

45)Wash the Car Once

46)Take Grayson to Legoland

47)Make a Carrier Bag Holder

48)Go on a Bumper Car

49)Build a Sandcastle with Grayson

50)Go to The Ideal Home Show

51)Use the Wii fit for 30 minutes a week (when at home)

52)Get a Pink Smeg Fridge

53)Organize a Cath Kidston Swap

54)Get the top of my Ear pierced again

55)Make a Ribbon Xmas Wreath

56)Buy at least 5 Xmas Dec’s a year

57)Make a piece of Art for my Home

58)Buy a piece of Art from Etsy

59)Have 4000 images on Flickr

60)Treat myself to at least 1 Greengate item a year

61)Take a Family photo in a Photobooth at least every 6 months

62)Create a 1001 Scrapbook

63)Make my Son’s 1st Birthday Cake

64)Have a Girly day with my Sister every 6 months

65)Finish my ‘Wreck This Journal’

66)Read a book every 2 months recommend by a friend

67)Donate 80% of Grayson’s toys to Charity that he no longer uses

68)Blog about each of the 101 tasks completed

69)Set a table for a Family Breakfast

70)Buy some pretty Dinnerware – matching or unmatching

71)Have a Family Day at least once every 2 months

72)Go and have a Professional Facial

73)Take Grayson to Brighton

74)Make 5 New Cupcake Recipes

75)Buy a Traditional Pink Kettle

76)Have a Party at Home for No Reason

77)Try making a Malteaser Shake at Home

78)Complete 20 Scrapbook Pages

79)Make a Home Budget

80)Sell 5 things on eBay

81)See my Brother Kieron at least once every 2 Months

82)Only ever have 30 items in my Ironing Basket

83)Treat myself to a New Piece of Jewellery once a month (bought/made)

84)Keep up Grayson’s Diary

85)Make a piece of Art using Moo Cards

86)Get a Comfy Chair

87)Make Ashley Roast Potatoes 5 times

88)Learn some Makaton

89)Bake some Blueberry Muffins for Ashley

90)Have some fresh Peonies in the House

91)Finally chuck out that Bra and replace

92)Rearrange the Living Room and Organize

93)No Takeaway Food for a week

94)Make a Cushion

95)Use my Puzzle Board

96)Destash my Craft Supplies

97)Make sure to see Nana at least once every 2 Months

98)Take a Day Trip to France

99)Write the next 101 for 1001

100)Try 3 New Foods

101)Take a whole week of work as a Holiday.

Although I am planning to blog about most of the tasks I complete I keep an up to date photo journal of sorts through my Flickr Account so check it out there.

I hope everybody is well, Grayson has finally had all the big tests and we should be getting results any day now.

Be back soon as I have crafter a little recently and would like to share with you all.

Happy Times.


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