Day Zero Project – Focus on the Positive


Me at 37w5d pregnant


Some of you may remember that back in March 2010 I joined the Day Zero Project.

Basic Idea – write a list of 101 tasks that you want to complete in 1001 days.

You can check out my list here, I am afraid to say life has taken its twists and turns and there are many of my 101 I know I shall never get to complete, I sat down with my hubby and got a little upset about it as I thought I had been quite realistic with my list, but then my lovely hubby always the optimist said focus on the things you can still do my dear wife, be pleased with things you will or have achieved and would not have done if it had not been for me writing the list, so that’s what I am doing.

I thought I would share 4 more tasks I have completed of my list.

5. Go for a Picnic – we have actually done this 4 times since last year and plan to make it a regular occurrence in our family, we just pack up and go its so lovely.

36. Take Hubby to see The Lion King – I have wanted to do this for the past 5 years, so I was truly pleased I finally got round to doing this for Ashley.

57. Make a piece of Art for my Home I have actually done several but this was the first, I love it and have it in my new Living Room.

74. Make 5 New Cupcake Recipes – there has actually been about 8/9, this is the most recent a Choc/Banana Easter Cupcake – they went very quickly.

So how about you, have you joined a task list 30 before your 30, Day Zero project, I would be interested to know how you are getting on?

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