Deacon at 3 Years and 9 Months With Disney Cars

I can not believe by the end of this year Deacon will be in full-time school and be 4!

Unlike Addison at this age he still feels so very young and not ready for school full-time, I mean he still naps some days.

But if I look back even a few months ago he has changed so much, he is now in Preschool 3 full days a week plus a morning, he can recognise his name and attempts to write it.

He is very social, having a few very close friends who he adores to spend time with. 

The list of Deacon’s likes is great, he is not a great climber and can lack confidence when in play parks but put Dinosaurs, Cars, Trucks or Diggers in front of him and he can tell you everything about them, even down to what a Ram’s job is on a 360.

So he was a little bit excited when he heard Cars 3 was coming out this year, he loves the first two and watches them weekly, he already had some cars from the films but when Disney Cars sent him out some of the new toys he was beyond excited.

The Disney Cars Mack Truck* I think is his favourite, he loves trucks (well Popsy does own a truck company). He claps excitedly as he bangs Big Mack’s head and Lightening McQueen flies through the air.

Any toy which involves things flying through the air or can do stunts is a WIN.

The Disney Cars vehicles* are a great size too, perfect for being put into his back-pack (which goes everywhere) and travelling to Granny’s, or a restaurant with Mummy for cake. They then come out and race across the table, supposedly they also like to enjoy cake with us.

With Cars 3 on its way we take a look at the Disney Pixar Cars toys and share what we think

Does anyone elses kids like to carry a collection ? Both mine are crazy for carrying an array of little toys, so thank you for the new Cars, what more we can keep adding to the collection with his pocket money each week, he will be fully stocked for when the film arrives.

*Pr Samples

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