Deacon is 10 Months Old

Fisher-price review

I can’t believe how bad I was at keeping up with Deacon’s monthly journey, I was so determined that I felt awful for a time. But Deacon struggled from 4 months and in turn it meant I did.

He has been non stop poorly, nothing serious like Grayson but it has been a hard, tiring journey and we are not at an end yet.

But I am not hear to focus on the hardships I am here, nearly fainting that my baby is now 10 MONTHS OLD! How did that happen ?

He is a beautiful baby if I don’t say so myself, he looks like his big brother to me, everyone thinks he is huge, but actually he is under 20lb which is not that big at all, they just compare him to his tiny siblings. He is a shortie like Mummy, with the chubbiest cute feet you have ever seen.

In the past weeks he has gone from just sitting up to crawling at super speeds, standing tall, climbing and now cruising along the furniture. Thank god as he just cried all the time that he couldn’t follow his big sister, who he adores. She unfortunately is not of the same feeling.

Rattle n'shake maracas review

He still only says Dada, not sure actually with meaning and yer, yer. He is teething terribly and it has made him incredibly miserable, we still have NO teeth and no white in gums.

He hates sleeping, we are up 6 out of 7 before 5am and napping is non existent, he is nosey, he is always on the go. He loves toys though (although wires and recipe books more), unlike Addison he is not overly bothered by very young toys, I think that is from having an older sister who he wants to copy so much.

He can be found with a car or ball a great deal of the time and his absolute favourite thing to do is knocking down towers, that is super funny. Like all my kids he is completely led by music in play. He loves to have a good boogie when music plays and can be found blowing into his wooden recorder a great deal of the time.

There is nothing more fun than having new toys to play with, so Deacon was very lucky that Fisher Price this week sent him out some great new musical toys.

fisher-price review

Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas and Shake ‘n Beats Tambourine – whilst his older siblings were at school he got to really give these a test all to himself, they have been designed for children 3 months and up but I would say Deacon is at the perfect age to get real enjoyment out of them. He instantly went for Maraca’s and got shaking them all about, he actually loved to shake them via the soft pom pom end (which also got a chew), they are perfect size for his little hands.

The Tambourine is my complete favourite and in fact I nearly bought from Boots the week before as an Easter gift for Deacon, both Grayson and Addison have tambourines and love them, I always worry though about the metal discs with Deacon and Grayson (as he likes to chew them) so this product is genius as everything is plastic.

fisher-price musical toys

So in less than 2 months we shall be celebrating this little boys 1st Birthday, I am thinking of a car theme for his party, so shall be heading to add to his little Fisher Price push cars, but for now he is loving his musical toys, especially looking at himself in the nice pretty mirror as he bangs the multicoloured rings of his tambourine.

shake n' beats tambourine

Are you kiddies into Musical toys, if so what is their favourite ? 

Disclosure – Thanks to Fisher-price for sending out the Musical toys for purpose of review, all opinions and smiles from Deacon are our own.


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