Deacon is 2 Months – Growing Up With Stokke

I can’t believe I am so late with this post, Deacon will actually be 3 months in a week, but life has been manic.

Even worse I realised as I came to write this post that I never completed his 1 Month Old post and the reason was I lost the pictures I took on his 1 month birthday – I am so upset but I am moving on.

So Deacon was 2 months old on the 21st of August, it has been an amazing and difficult 2 months, but one thing I can say hand on heart is I am a very lucky lady to have Deacon as my son.

deacon and pluto - 2 months

He is the baby I have been waiting for, a baby I love so much. I love all my children with every ounce of my being and to see a 3rd child come into our family and the relationships that are already being forged makes me smile daily.

Deacon’s Top 10 Changes This Month

  1. He has pretty much learnt to hold his head, not attempting to roll, slower than his sister but I am not panicking just yet
  2. His smiles are pure magic, he smiles on cue, he loves to be tickled and playing peek-a-boo
  3. Sleep is for the weak, well he manages 5/6 hours most nights, during the day though unless in his swing we are lucky for more than 20 minute naps – but noisy siblings isn’t helping
  4. He is chatting away a few times a day now, he has a cheeky little tone with a smile to match
  5. Reflux is still killer, he is on meds 3 times a day, as well as special milk, his milk intake is still quite small cause of this
  6. He is desperately trying to be a thumb sucker, he finds it but then drops it seconds later, come on coordination
  7. Crazy but true but we have 2 little teeth showing, he has been teething for weeks, I don’t think it shall be a fun process at all
  8. He loves batting his toys, he is great at hitting them with intent, but his fave thing is to giggle at himself in the mirror – vain piglet
  9. He already knows his own name, I can’t remember if this is early or not, but seriously he looks for you when you call it
  10. Still in his 0/3 mth clothes, he is much bigger then any of my other babies but I would say only a little above average

deacon turns 2 months

So you can see it has been a busy month for my little one, things change so quickly in these first 6 months, his looks change daily, part of me is so happy that he is heading towards 4 months as we can try some weaning to help his reflux, the other half of me sobs as I don’t want him not to be my tiny baby.

deacon aug 2013

Growing Up With Stokke

I am sure many of you will know I am a HUGE Stokke fan, many of Deacon’s daily items are Stokke, not long after I had Grayson one of my online friends in the states had a baby and did monthly pictures of her little one growing up in the same place each month, when she would collate a years pictures it was fab to see not only how much her baby had changed but it was made even easier to gage on a un-changing background, I know we will probably be moving home before Deacon’s 1st Birthday, so it hit me, the one place that will grow with him is his Stokke Sleepi, as the Stokke Sleepi grows with its owner right up to teenage years, so Deacon’s monthly pictures shall see him grow in his bed, the place where at night he is safe and secure. Along with Pluto (a teddy we bought him before he was born) Deacon will grow with Stokke before not only mine but your eyes too.

deacon growing up with stokke

Happy 2 Month Old Birthday my baby boy, I love every piece of you, from your chubby toes to your button nose, you make me proud to be your Mummy.

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