Deacon Turns 3 Months

I can’t believe another month has gone, they are going so quickly with Deacon, he turned 3 months back on the 21st September so in fact he is also now 15 weeks.

Deacon as I said last month is changing so much daily, he is such a cutie pie, he has been suffering terribly with colds these past weeks. He has not yet had his 2nd immunisations because of this.

He other than his reflux and cold is truly a lovely baby, he loves to be held but a huge part of me doesn’t care (other than when the others are screaming) I love giving him cuddles, I know they will not last forever so I say enjoy them whilst I can.

I still haven’t had Deacon weighed so I have no idea how big he actually is, everyone says he looks really HUGE, but I disagree, I think he is average, I just think they are remembering both my underweight babies.

I love seeing Deacon interact with his brother and sister already, he adores them so much, Grayson especially, he watches him for hours, giggling as Grayson screams and bounces, I only today said to Ashley once he is capable he will be Grayson’s shadow until Grayson allows it, but thankfully Grayson seems more tolerant of his brother than he does of Addison, but that maybe cause presently he is not so in his face.

Deacon turns 3 months

Deacons Top 10 Changes This Month

1. He non stop chats away, how I have missed that cute baby coo chatting, it’s adorable, every time melts my heart, I don’t think he will be long for talking, unlike Addy who it took a very long time.

2. He giggles for Britain too, like proper chuckles, I have a video on my YouTube account if you feel like you need a pick me up, as it really will. I am sure this is early but honestly can’t remember.

3. He is a good sleeper at night but not so much during the day. Nights he on average goes 10.30pm-6am (probably tainted it now) but during the day you are lucky for a few 20 minute naps at best.

4. His hair has become so much lighter, when he was born he was dark black as was his brother and sister, but like Addison he is already a very light brown and the coolest thing he has a natural mohawk.

5. The 3/6 month clothes have just started to get used, some brands are still very big, he has super short arms though, but long legs and feet.

6. Unlike last month when he wanted to be in his swing all the time, he now wont go in it at all. Instead he has to be bounced 24/7.

7. He is now starting to hold his head and sit well when on your lap and the occasional time in the bumbo.

8. He is still desperately trying to be a thumb sucker, he is better at finding it for periods of time now, he is a leftie unlike his brother, but like his brother he traces down from his forehead to his nose to put his thumb in his mouth, it’s so cute to watch like it was 4 years ago.

9. Loves interaction in particular being sung to, his favourite is how much is that doggy in the window.

10. He hasn’t tried rolling yet but when on his playmat he loves to kick himself in a circle, he has very strong legs.

deacon 3 month shoot

Growing Up With Stokke

Do go back to last month and check out how we are taking our monthly photo shoots, I couldn’t believe how much Deacon has changed in that 1 short month.

stokke sleepi


As all months with a new baby there are so many big changes, I love this little boy so much and hate to be away from him, he makes me smile with his big beautiful dimples and the way he looks at you like you are the most important person in the world.

Happy 3 Months Deacon.

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