>Dear Grayson…..


2011/365/100, originally uploaded by innocentcharmer.

My monkey I can not believe within in the next month you are going to be a big brother, I look at you and still see my little baby boy but each day you amaze me. The changes in you this past few months have been so small to many but to me your Mommy they are massive. You may not be like every other little boy and girl and although you can not say Mama/Dada and you live in a world very away from ours I know you love us in your own way. I love seeing how much you care for your Daddy, I joke and say its not fair that you don’t cuddle or kiss me but my rascal it matters not. One day soon you will have a little sister and although I am sure she will be teaching you so many basic skills, I know that you will teach her how to be a kind human being just as you are. Please don’t dismay sweetheart you are perfect in my eyes and your little achievements like your Picasso styled Penguin and just sitting in a standard highchair for more than 10 minutes make my heart swell, be proud you are a miracle.

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