Developing New Skills With Mega Bloks – Review

Development and learning new skills is something I am constantly focussing on, I imagine it is a guilt for Grayson, although in all honesty I know I had nothing to do with that, I want to make sure that I give all my children constant stimulation to learn, but in a fun way and thanks to Mega Bloks we have been doing that these past few weeks.

mega books first builders

Before now we have never had any Mega Bloks, I am not sure why as cost wise they are incredible value for money and there is a great deal of choice for all ages.

We were kindly sent 4 new sets that have been added to the First Builders range, Mega Bloks First Builders 123 Learning Train, Mega Bloks First Builders Learn My Animals, Mega Bloks First Builders Learn My Vehicles and Mega Bloks First Builders Build ‘N’ Splash.

The First Builders range is designed to be easy to hold, stack and take apart due to the oversized bricks for toddlers, the sets we were sent have all been designed with teaching children new skills in mind.

Mega Bloks First Builders Review

I was surprised when I opened the boxes that the numbers/animals/vehicles were not printed on and actually stickers, I was worried how durable these would be, but Addison loved the fact she got to stick all the stickers on and much to what I thought she has not tried to pull them off. The stickers are durable and wipeable, which is handy with any kids toy. Actually I have come to think this is a great idea as maybe as she gets older she will not be so interested in wanting the numbers etc on and at least then they can be peeled off to have plain building blocks to build castles or houses.

The number train is brilliant, it is a fun way for Addison to learn her numbers, she likes to count them as we build the train, or she just lines them all up in order. The train is definitely her favourite but instead of just adding the numbers she loves to add all the animals and make it an “animal train” they take trips to the Zoo and farm.

Mega Bloks Blog Review

The Vehicles collection has been fun too, she has just started to have an interest in vehicles whilst out on the road, so this is helping to develop that and she loves learning the noises that go with each vehicle.

But when she wants she ignores the stickers and builds towers and houses with the blocks, compared to some other brands these are definitely her favourite, I think the main reason is the ease of use, I had not realised how tough other building blocks have been for her until now, the Mega Bloks are perfect as she can pull them apart and push them back together all on her own. Great for developing hand co-ordination skills, Deacon and Grayson love getting in on the action too, mainly to give them a chew,the best thing is they are such a great size there is no fear of them swallowing or choking.

Megabloks review

Mega Bloks First Builders Build ‘N’ Splash

Bath time in our house this past year has been a nightmare, Addison has become a screaming banshee every time we try to get her near the bath, but Mega Bloks saved the day with the Build N Splash, she does not tend to use in the form it has been designed but I think that it the great thing about toys like Mega Bloks it is about letting their imagination take control. She loves to see the water run through the starfish and into the fishes mouth. Its allowed us a cry free bath time with much interaction between her and Deacon.

Mega Bloks review

All in all we are loving the Mega Bloks, I have added a few other items to her birthday list for May, the best part with the sets only ranging from £4.99-£14.99 they are complete bargains and a price which means we can buy them for friends on their birthdays.

Head to Amazon, Tesco, Toys R Us and more to buy many collections of Mega Bloks and don’t forget to check out Mega Bloks Facebook page for regular updates.

Disclosure – We were sent toys from Mega Bloks for purpose of review but all opinions are our own.

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