Diary Day At Cybher 2013

Cybher 2013



An account of my day at Britain’s only All Women Blogging Conference aka Cybher – sit back and enjoy.

5.20am – I’m awake, the alarm was set for 5.40am but I am so excited so I pick up my phone and check the Cybher hashtag.

6.25am – After donning my #cybher outfit (outfit post to follow), pack the last few pieces & check phone is in pocket, I go stand out on the street waiting for my taxi to the station. I IG my 1st Picture of the day.


Taxi doesn’t arrive, so mad dash to the station but we make it.

8.00am – #Cybher on Twitter & IG is already on crazy overload, great way to break up the 1 1/2hr train journey, although Phone Battery already dying (eek iPhone 5’s) – must remember to charge in the Ballroom.

I IG a pic of my new Satchel I bought (just a cheapie) and get ever so excited at the thought of the day ending with me having another. Thanks Leather Satchel Co.

for cybher

9.05am I’m Here!!! I am queuing, I feel less nervous than last year, which surprises me as I have no promise of someone to leach onto as I did last year with Sonia. Why ? Because I know like last year there will be NO bitchey-ness just a mass warm welcome of amazing women. I am not wrong, whilst queuing I meet 3 lovely new bloggers, one who blogs about cakes – Mmm.

me at cybher

Look at this pic of me and the Cybher Satchels taken by the gorgeous Jay Mountford, thanks for letting me share.

By 9.45am – I head to the Ballroom to hear the goddess aka Sian To Welcome us All, I can’t stop myself admiring the ceiling again in this wonderful room. I have already hugged & greeted some of my favourite ladies it’s going to be a good day.

cybher welcome speech

9.50-10.50am – I enjoy Zoe Margolis Keynote Speech (as last year), I tweet asking the Hubby “Maybe I should blog about the Taboo Subject of Sex” he replies – “I don’t mind if I get to review some” cheek alert.

I learnt that Charlotte aka The Mummy Blogger is not going to make it as planned, I feel so disappointed but we promise to meet up soon, she is greatly missed.

10.50-11.10am – During the Coffee Break, I obviously chat & cuddle more delicious ladies, I can’t help myself heading to Home Barn stand already for the 2nd time, I just love standing and staring – so pretty.

Whoop Whoop Session One!

11.10am – I picked this session weeks before, as I love everything Vintage and thanks to Sian, I already stalk love Candy Pop. I enjoyed this session whilst siting with the gorgeous Katie and Lucy and their girls.

I learnt of a new online magazine 91 Magazine from the beautiful Patchwork Harmony and after hearing Rachelle’s inspiring story of writing her own book with her partner in crime, I went onto Amazon and purchased it.

They inspired me on how I want my new look blog to look (watch this space) as well as my new home. Also finding new lovely ladies of whom I can now socailse and get inspired by online.

Whilst listening to Rachelle talking I was getting major Glasses Envy, which was made double as worse when the gorgeous Erica walked past me, very kindly both informed me where to go shopping for new cool frames. See Cybher teaches you everything.

Cybher Vintage Session

12.00-12.45pm – I didn’t even have to leave my chair for session 2, well only to get a bump off shot with my gorgeous name twin Kara, we are both due to have boys within a week of one another.

bump off at cybher

Photography with Mario, Mr Innocent Charmer was super jealous, but I took plenty of notes.

I must say the session was better than I had even envisaged, I learnt a great deal about lighting and how to take the perfect pictures using framing and rules of 3rds, all whilst being hugely entertained by Mario.


I even managed to get my #SOT picture taken, something I have wanted to do since last year.

Good Luck Mario on your world tour.

12.45-13.45pm – Lunch Time – important for any heavily pregnant lady, I was not disappointed with Mini Food, always something special about items in miniature.

cybher lunch

Masses of chatting, hugging Emma as she had just arrived and drooling over Fi’s cool shoes.

fi's shoes

Again I went and swooned over Home Barn’s stall (how could you not) and made a purchase from Lord Dodo.

1.45-2.30pm – I headed to hear Team Cybher aka Claire and Sian tell me “Sh*t You Didn’t Know” – this was supposed to be a beginners session but to be honest even after 7 years of blogging I am a HUGE novice, the girls answered so many of those Q’s I am just too embarrassed to ask.



  • How To Check Your Pr Rank
  • Follow Links
  • No Follow Link Widgets That Work
  • How to Check Broken Links on Your Site
  • How a White Blog Background is Better
  • All about the Google Penguin Update and de-cluttering

This really was the most informative session of the day for me.

14.35-15.20pm – I decided to take a break from sessions, my brain was swimming & Sweetpea was tiring me out.I headed down and got myself a Juice & again naughtily visited the Home Barn Stand watching Mollie Makes help people with crocheting but to chicken to join in as I have never been very successful.

homebarn at cybher

The great thing about Cybher is the flexibility, 2/3 sessions to choose from in each time slot, but if not a nice place to rest, where you can sit and chat.

The hubby arrived (thanks Sian) to help me survive the rest of the day, he talked me into meeting Browhaus another of this years fab sponsors, who without pain shaped my eyebrows by threading them. I then had a quick chat with Freya about their plus sized ranged.

The room filled as coffee break started, I took some pics with some of my fave girls, including the very beautiful Danielle who shall be a friend for life I am sure.

girls at cybher


15.40-16.25PM – I was torn at this point, I know so little about G+ but there was no way I was missing a session on Pinterest. Run by Natalie Lue & Claire I learnt so many fab tips. I also learnt of a great deal of Pinterest Tool Sites ( which I shall post about) and how Pinterest is changing in the future. If you use Pinterest for Blogging or Business get your account changed now for free to a Business Account.



16.30-17.20pm – I then went and joined these 2 beautiful girls, oh and their Mummies


on a session “How to make your Blog pay” – I wanted to go more for my Jewellery Business which I plan to re-start. Doug the speaker was really engaging & his Creative Start Up School in London sounds exciting and awesome.

I learnt some skills to hopefully put to use, especially about affiliate programs for both sides.

17.20-18.00pm I should have been in The Ballroom, but after chatting and a toilet run I was very late. then Sweetpea decided to excite all & think of making an appearance, Aunty Sian thought we may have our 1st Cybher Birth, I was kinda disappointed when late that evening he changed his mind. I walked around outside and was met with lovely smiles from Monkey (son to My 2 Mums) who is seriously the biggest sweetheart, like his Mummies.

18.00-18.05pm – Sadly I headed into The Ballroom still with contractions to hear Sian say her goodbye for another year, I am so pleased to see all her hard work turn into another magical, inspiring day.

We then went onto Boyds Bar for the after party which had free cocktails supplied by Collective Bias, wish they had been there last year when I wasn’t heavily pregnant but I still managed to enjoy a nice mocktail.

All in all I loved everything about my day at Cybher, there were definite improvements on last year, I learnt a great deal and no session intimidated me.

I felt more confident and like I could hold my own in a room of inspiring women, which for me is MASSIVE.

Thanks to all the amazing ladies that looked after me on the day and just checked regularly I was ok, as well as Lucy for her HUGS at that moment (you know when I mean) – this is why SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKS!!!!!!

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