DIY // Upcycling With Pinty Plus Chalk Paint Spray

I squealed loudly in the car when I opened the email asking me to become a Pinty Plus Ambassador (don’t worry I wasn’t driving).

I love nothing more than making my home my own, especially when it comes to upcycling, but of late it just hasn’t happened, becoming this role means I have to make that ‘ME’ time to enjoy in a favourite pastime.

So a little more about Pinty Plus Chalk Paint Spray, well it is sold in the UK by Novasol Spray and is Spray Chalk Paint! Yes you read right, it has all the qualities of what everyone loves about Chalk Paint with the massive added bonus of being a Spray. I personally love using spray paint and my Hubby well he is bloody skilled at it.

I decided to make our first project one of our Dining Chairs. I have a little bit of a thing for second-hand chairs all painted different colours, we currently have over 8 round the house, they are all looking a little tired as they are over 2 years old now. When we move we are actually only taking 2 with us, my favourite being the yellow one so I knew that should be our test subject.

I let Ashley pick the colour, firstly because it is his chair to sit on but mainly because with 18 colour choices I was finding it too much choice. He went ahead and chose Rose Petal.

Pinty Plus Colour Options

Once the spray had arrived (only took a couple of days) I waited for a nice day, I don’t know why I did but I got the sander out and gave the chair a going over, to be honest I would have been better giving it a simple light sand to take the oils off only as the paint took very well over the painted pieces and would have only needed 2 coats where as the fresh wood needed 3 in the end, so there is a top tip for you, it really does go on well over old paint just give it a wash first.

I was amazed at how well it sprayed (even in wind) and although it said touch dry in 20 minutes mine was dry within 5.

Upcycling A Chair with Pinty Plus

The trick really is light layers, it doesn’t run and once dry gives a beautiful Chalky Matt finish exactly what I wanted. I went on to use Pinty’s matt spray varnish too as this chair is in our Kitchen around 3 cheeky people, but if you would rather a glossy finish they have a spray for that too.

I finished the chair off with some gorgeous fabric to compliment the colour and I am in love, doesn’t it look so much better ???

Pinty Plus Chalk Spray Review

All in all the project took only about 40 minutes of my time (with drying time in between) and would have been even less if I hadn’t sanded, I used just under two cans of paint but if in a non windy environment I think you could manage with one.

Pinty Place Chalk Paint Spray Review

I am now deciding what to spray next, watch my Instagram as I now want to spray anything that doesn’t move, don’t forget to come by next month for my next project and check out the Hashtag for other bloggers and their great projects – #PintyPluser.

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