Double Pushchairs – Which One ???

With the Bubba’s growing quickly and both Mr Innocent Charmer and I returning to work this month it means we must get a double pushchair.

We do have the Cosatto Supa Dupa which is great for a quick trip round town, but we live in the middle of the country and with the babies growing quickly we need a more heavy-duty pushchair as opposed to a stroller.

But for the 1st time when it comes to Pushchairs I am at a loss, I am a self-confessed Pushchair addict, they have replaced my handbag/shoe fetish, with 3 Stokkes and the Cosatto I am a lucky girl but we need something that can allow us to go out as family of 5.

Grayson is obviously still in a special needs pushchair and will be for many years to come, we tried the Buggy Board route with Addison, nope she hates it, then I tried baby wearing which is fab for short periods of time but then my back aches, we headed off to The Baby Show last week hoping I would finally choose one, the Hubby and I are having it as our Christmas Present to one another  – but I am still no wiser.

I shall tell you the ones I looked at but I am after any suggestions, I shall also put below my preferences.

Bugaboo Donkey

bugaboo double pushchair

Pros – Can be Mono as well as double, lots of basket space, looks pretty, well made, not too wide, would be suitable if we have another newborn, parent and forward facing

Cons – Expensive, seats look small (how long would it last?)

Britax B-Agile Double

britax double pushchair

Pros – Reasonably priced, well-known brand, 4 wheeler (Ash prefers this), good-sized seat, good width

Cons – Looks a bit plastic-y, not easiest fold, quite large folded, not huge basket, only usable with car seat for newborns

Out and About Nipper V3

out n about double pushchair

Pros – Light, great width, good size seats, pneumatic tyres (nice ride), good price, Grayson could probably use, good for living in country, usable from newborn, great colour choices

Cons – Pneumatic tyres (could puncture), shared hood, seats quite reclined in upright position, 3 wheeler (Ash doesn’t like them), no basket as standard

Britax BOB Double

britax Bob double pushchair

Pros – Off road capable, great training pushchair, hard-wearing, separate hoods, good storage, folds well, Grayson could use, lots of accessories

Cons – Only usable over 8 months, slightly expensive, basic, 3 wheeler, pneumatic tyres

My Preferences


  • Side by side
  • good amount of storage
  • easy to fold
  • when folded as compact as possible
  • good-sized seats


  • Parent facing capable
  • separate hoods
  • not too pricey
  • colour choices

So please if you have a review for me to read or a suggestion I am looking for your help.

Thanks in advance.

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