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It has been a couple of months since I joined in with my lovely friend Sonia and her daughter Maisie’s link “Draw With Me”. It is such a fun linky and I love to spend time doing it with Addison but life has been crazy and with me back to work and her starting nursery our time has been made shorter.But I was determined (by the skin of my teeth) to join in with this months theme of “Christmas”. I knew I wanted to make some Christmas Cards from Addison for her grandparents and thought it would tie in well, she could draw some pretty Christmas themed cards, well that was the plan, but the little Miss refused to use colours (crayons) as at school she paints, so paint we did, it is drawing in a sense.

I tried to get her to paint a tree, well it is in an abstract way, which works well for me as I love Picasso. You can see the green of the tree and then the yellow is the star on top, I am not altogether sure what the red is.

toddler christmas tree

The second picture is sparkly lights, she is loving Christmas purely for the sparkly lights, so she painted them, I love those foam paintbrushes they are ideal for Addison’s age. I think it looks like a Bokeh tree.

draw with me linky

I have noticed a difference in Addison sitting down to art tasks etc since she has been at Nursery and it has only been 3 weeks, I really hope to do more fun activities in the new year, she has some crafty Xmas presents coming her way.

Don’t forget to check out the other entries, I love Maisie’s drawing, not only are there lots of Christmas items but the colours match too.

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