Draw With Me – Our 1st

My Lovely friend Sonia and her beautiful daughter Maisie have come up with a fab monthly linky on their blog This Mummy Loves called “Draw With Me”.

Draw With Me – This Mummy Loves

The Brief is very simple “Once a month I set a theme and we then get our kids to interpret that theme by drawing a picture!”

Now clearly none of my kids are hugely capable of sticking to a theme on their own merits but as I have been pushing myself to try to have more one on one creative time with Grayson and Addison I thought this linky would be a lot of fun and Sonia agreed.

As Addy was unwell the past few days I thought this maybe a great time to do a picture, Sonia has set the theme Summer, our Summer this year has very much been Rain and Sun, then Sun and Rain. Addison loves this fact because it has produced a great deal of Rainbows, Addison loves Rainbows thanks to Cloudbabies.

So I drew a basic outline of a Rainbow in Black and then I let her colour in in her own little way, she was very excited as I let her use felt tip pens, usually she is only allowed Crayons.

Addison Making a Rainbow

I then tore up some scraps of patterned papers so they she could randomly stick like a mosaic.

Draw With Me August


I loved doing this with Addison, it gave me a memory, distracted her from her sore throat and gave another tool to keep practicing her colours as the video shows she is getting very clever.

Thanks Sonia for the fab linky, do head over and join in, it’s a lot of fun.

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