Dream A Little Dream


With Addison starting school tomorrow it made me realise she is growing up, tomorrow I will do what many do and record what she dreams of doing when she becomes older, it got me thinking to my childhood and my dreams.

Many of you will know I love Interior Design, it is a huge part of what makes me, me. I can think of nothing better than painting a room, to only re do it months later to fit my personality, I think of room decor like clothes, they can change with the seasons and your moods.

But what many of you will not know is from early childhood right through to now I had/have always wanted to be an Architect. To design wonderful homes, so different to the norm for people to love and live in. Before the trend of open plan had come about I used to design and draw open plan living spaces, my family always comment that my brain is always ahead of trends.

Open plan living room : Cupboards & sideboards by GK Architects Ltd

Isn’t this home great ? I found Homify’s website and have been looking at their Architects and their designs for inspiration.

Since having a child like Grayson it has made me look at home/building design on a whole new level, I can see how things should be for families with children, not just special needs but families as a whole, how restrictive some homes, especially British homes are.

I have a sketch book full of home layouts for our little family, houses that would not only look beautiful but be so amazing for us all, space for Deacon to learn and grow, lighting to reflect Grayson’s mood, reading nooks for me to hide in when I need 5 minutes, an art area which Addison could paint and not have a care in the world, a cinema room for the Hubby and most importantly a therapy room for my Superhero to become the best he can be.

One day I may win the lottery and my dreams can come true, well maybe not as I always forgetting to even buy tickets.

How about you ? What was/is your dream ? What job as a child did you think was going to be yours ?

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