Easter Basket Inspiration

I love Easter, after Christmas it is my favourite holiday. I am not sure why, I think a combination of all the pastel colours, prettiness and chocolate of course.

Easter was always quite a big holiday for us as kids, my Mom being American meant that we always celebrated things a lot more than our peers, the Easter Bunny would always bring us a basket full of treats and then once we were awake there was always a hunt for the chocolate treats.

When I had children I of course carried on these traditions, why not there is nothing better than treats for my little people.

Here are our Easter Baskets over the years….

Easter Baskets

So I thought I would share some of my favourite Easter present ideas, I also did a trip to Poundland as they have so many little Easter crafts sets, so if you have one close that would be my first place to head.

Easter Basket

Lego/Bunny Plate/Thomas Book/Swan Lipgloss/Bunny Eggcup/Cat Toy/Sonny Angels/Playmobil Egg/Chick Necklace/Bunny Tee

 There are so many amazing Easter gifts about, Addison has the Tee coming, as well as a Sonny Angel and I couldn’t let her miss out on the Chick Necklace as it is a steal.

The cat I think may end up in her Birthday pile as she is going to be having Sprinkles bedding once we move so he will be a perfect addition and don’t you think the plate and eggcup are fab ? They would make Easter Breekie even more special, I am thinking Hot Cross Buns and Easter Cakes for ours.

So does the Easter Bunny visit you ? 

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