Embracing My Happy With Lists

Last month you may remember my post on helping myself, I shared how I had been a little lost and I knew lists would be a way for me to get happy.

I set myself a list of 10 things to try to do over the past month, I was hoping I would achieve them all but I knew I would also not punish myself as long as I tried.

So how did I get on….

August List
  1. Get my hair done – I did it and I am so pleased, it has made me feel like me again.Blonde Short hair
  2. Go out to dinner just Ashley and I – Well we didn’t manage dinner (no babysitter) but we did manage an hour lunch date just the 2 of us.Day date With Hubby
  3. Make a piece of Jewellery – I can not believe I didn’t manage this, time has run away with me this month, so this will be going into next list.
  4. Go to sleep by 10pm one night a week – This maybe was not fully doable as Grayson’s feeds do not finish till gone 10pm, but I have managed 3 nights over the past month asleep by 10.30pm
  5. Read a whole book – I picked up Eat, Pray, Love – now what I did not think about was how large it was, but I am a third through and I am so pleased, it has really made me happy reading again.eat-pray-love
  6. Go without TV one night a week – maybe this is why I am not further with reading, Netflix has just tempted me too much, but I did manage 3 nights without TV at all which I was pleased with.
  7. Get my eyebrows done – I did not get chance and god do they need doing
  8. Write my 101 list – I am 50% done, I am shocked how hard I am finding it, I think because I am being a bit more of a realist with my list.
  9. Complete those long overdue forms – I chickened out still, I am a little disappointed with myself with this
  10. Exercise once a week – Actually reading back I really have not been very good, I only managed exercise twice or maybe 3 times, but at least I did manage it at all, one time I walked over 5 miles.

I was so pleased my little list inspired a couple of friends to make lists for themselves this month including the gorgeous Karin from Embrace Happy who always strives to spread happiness around the world.

What more it has made me even more sure that I want to carry on my List of 10 each month as well as starting the Day Zero Project.

September List
  1. Make a piece of Jewellery
  2. Finish Eat Pray Love
  3. Finish my 101 DZP List
  4. Get my Eyebrows done
  5. Go without TV one night a week
  6. Paint my nails once a week
  7. Complete those forms
  8. Go to the Cinema
  9. Pitch an idea to a company
  10. Bake a Biscoff Dessert

You will see a couple of things have moved over from last month and I am challenging myself with a couple that I keep putting off, but mainly it is just little things to make me smile.

Let me know if you try and make a list to complete and remember……

A perfect quote about learning to smile more and live with the choices you make. Innocent Charms Chats

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