Enjoying Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season, having an intolerance to sunshine (Boo) means Summer can be quite hard and long for me so when Autumn comes I am always very excited. I love the leaves changing colour, conkers, crisp morning skies and drinking too much Hot Chocolate.

So I thought I would share with you my top picks for Autumn, a little of a completing my Autumn Bucket List – obviously there is more to come, as Halloween is around the corner and that brings so much fun.

  • Sofa Suppers

Autumn Bucket List

In Autumn my Sofa many a time becomes my place to have dinner, our Kitchen is quite cold and I just don’t enjoy eating their in the colder months as I do in the Summer, once the kids are in bed there is nothing better than a nice Warming dinner on the sofa, lights on low, cushions making me comfy.

Higgidy Pies are a great Sofa Supper too, even more than that their new Steak Ragu Pie with Crispy Potatoes is the best Autumnal pie. I have to say for me this is their best pie to date, the flavour is lovely and rich, with Steak and Bacon inside they are ticking all the scrummy boxes and the potatoes on top finish it off so well. They are the right size for warming your belly on these colder nights whilst in my PJs all cozy.

Higgidy Sofa Suppers

To celebrate Higgidy’s new pie they have launched Sofa Supper Club and the first shall be held in London on October 30th. The Sofa Supper Club will invite people into a homely, comfortable space, giving them the chance to enjoy one of Higgidy’s delicious pies hot from the oven and served up to enjoy while relaxing on a comfy sofa – just like you would at home. Sounds a bit perfect to me.

If you fancy it get on your Scarf, Hat and Gloves and check it out, they are in Brighton on November 5th too.

  • Enjoying the woods and the leaves changing colours.


I have always since being a child loved getting on my wellies and kicking my feet in the leaves, I have an attraction to trees and walking amongst them and finally my children are coming to the leaf side. We have had many Autumnal Woodland Walks these past few weeks, they offer so much to see and do.


  • Conkers

Autumn Bucketlist

I love them, they remind me of so many happy memories as a child, we would always on a Sunday through October pick up a plastic bag and head out with my Dad for conker collecting, then wash them, shine them and get him to put a hole through so come Monday morning on the school playground we could play Conkers. I think it is sad to hear that this traditional game is becoming unheard of to children, I urge you to teach yours.

  • Hot Chocolate

Autumn Bucket List

There is nothing better after a day out in the cold air to come home and get the kettle on, my cup of Tea gets replaced with Hot Chocolate come Autumn, of course I have to trim it with lashings of Whipped Cream and Marshmallows. I know some prefer warm cider but it just isn’t for me.

  • Wrapping Up

Scarf Wearing

There is nothing better on Autumnal days when then air is crisp than wrapping up in your favourite Scarf, Gloves and Hats. I have quite a collection and I love the way they look, reminding me of bonfire night as a child, seeing the kids cute red noses in the bare skin space left between the hat and scarf.


  • Apple Picking

Autumn Bucket List

This is new on our list this year, I used to go Scrumping all the time as a child, but since having kids I have always bought my Apples in the Supermarket, but this will certainly become a new Autumn tradition for us, the kids loved going and picking fresh from the tree this past weekend.

  • Night time cuddles on the Sofa

Autumn Bucket List

All year round we obviously have cuddles, but now the air is getting colder, the evenings are calling for PJ’s, cuddles and a nice warm blanket before bed, there is nothing better than Cuddles on the sofa.

So there are my top picks for Autumn, what is on your Autumn Bucket List, I am always looking for new experiences ??


*Collaborative post with Higgidy

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