Enjoying School More With Education Quizzes

So we are in full back to school swing now.

With starting Year One comes a massive change in routine and work levels for Addison.
I was worried how well she would take to more homework, double the reading books and more structured work whilst at school but I shouldn’t have been.
She is loving it. It has really helped to open her eyes to learning so much more about the world.

So when we were introduced to Education Quizzes this month I was quite excited to show her.

I am not going to make any excuses, I have no issues with Addison doing educational play on an iPad/computer.

We obviously spend a great deal of time out and about learning whilst on our adventures so in balance there is no reason she can not have screen time and for us it has always worked wonders in developing her skills.

Education Quizzes are doing just that. Their primary objective is to help children to be successful at school. Study of the school curriculums is made easy and enjoyable with our suites of KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE quizzes.


What more the tests are all written and designed by teachers.

I loved the simplicity of the site. Simply select KS1 and then there are 12 subjects to choose from. Each is perfect for Addison’s level of learning and has helped her massively with her spellings and understanding of words.

They are simple instructions for Addison to follow and if she gets a wrong answer they give simple explanations to show her the right answer and why.

The best part ?

Addison does not think of it as work, she thinks she is playing a great game on the iPad. A massive win as we all know the minute you call something work it feels like it and looses the fun.


The subscription fee may feel a little high at £9.95 a month but for help with learning I think that is very reasonable. Some of the apps with half the content are more expensive. What more if like us you only want to concentrate on it for a few weeks you can do just that, as you can cancel at any time.

Brilliant if you have a child just about to start the 11 Plus as you can just pay for the couple of months before it.

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